My Birthday Gift to America... Profile Me!

youseffThat is right…profile me and all men who were born in the Middle East, have a Middle Eastern profile or have Middle Eastern names. Why you say?

  • To spare humiliating 90+-year-old women who are suffering from cancer. 

 • To spare the traumatizing of little children

  • To spare the dignity of millions of innocent Americans who have done nothing and most likely will do nothing to have them experience the shameful, mindless and cruel striptease acts at the airports

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I know … I know there is going to be howling from the Islamists in America such as CAIR and their defenders in the ACLU … “Discrimination,” “Islamofacisim” … and all of the wailing of fear that the word “profiling” engenders.

Remember this: I am offering myself as a sacrificial lamb and they should too if they really love America and all of what America stands for. After all, why worry if you are innocent?

Patriotism often calls for sacrifice, so let us see how patriotic we Middle Eastern Americans are.

This is a call to all patriotic Middle Eastern Americans to join me in calling upon the congress to introduce “The Voluntary Profiling Act.” I can’t think of anything more patriotic on this Fourth of July.

So many Americans gave their lives to give us our freedom which we take for granted, so what is an extra few minutes at the airport in comparison with that. Yet, by doing so we can spare millions of our fellow citizens the pain of indignity.

No, that is not something I would enjoy or look forward to, but, reality is reality and valor is needed.

The cry of “Why should I have to prove my patriotism by being singled out like this?” will echo from all and sundry corners but that is not really the question. The question ought to be “Can I make a small sacrifice to help restore sanity to an airport security system that has gone haywire?"

Not only that, but we can have the joy of knowing that 90+ old women and small children can be treated with intelligence.

As a boy I dreamed of coming to “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” Now that I am here I am deeply disturbed by the premise that says that we should sacrifice our freedom for safety. That is the downward slope that can only lead to loss of freedom altogether.

So, my birthday gift to America on this Fourth of July is to sign on as the first volunteer to keep America free.

Happy birthday America.

Dr. Michael Youssef's expertise on the Islamic culture and the Middle East in today's post-modern world is actively sought by hundreds of thousands of followers around the globe. With a Ph.D. from Emory University in social anthropology, his Egyptian heritage gives him particular insight into the cultural and religious entanglements of international affairs. ?It is estimated that over 10 million viewers/listeners around the world are tuned in every week through an international Christian media ministry founded by Youssef, It broadcasts via radio and television to over 200 countries and in over 20 languages. Follow Youssef, a common sense intellectual and renowned author of 24 books,? on twitter @michaelayoussef and through his news blog,

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