Psalm 119: 113-131 The Word of God is a light to our path, as we learned yesterday. Through the Word of God we can receive instruction, correction, reproof and doctrine that will keep us moving forward in our spiritual walk and also prevent our stumbling along the way. The Word of God not only shines a light on our path as we walk through this life, but it also shines a light into our hearts.

The Word of God is a two-edged sword that is able to divide the joints and marrow and discern the very thoughts and intents of our hearts. Think of a physical open-heart surgery when a skillful surgeon must open the sternum and cut through bone and muscle to reach the heart. Once the heart is exposed to the light, the surgeon then continues to use his delicate surgical tool that is a double-edged knife to do the repair work needed on the heart. Replacement of damaged valves or arteries takes place, the heart is knitted or sewn together, and then the blood to the heart after surgery is able to flow freely, taking needed oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body.

The Word of God is like the surgeon's double-edged knife. It cuts through and divides and discerns what is flesh (joint and marrow) and what is spirit in our lives. Thoughts come from three different sources, and only the Word of God can discern where our thoughts originate. The three origins of thoughts are from our flesh (our own desires or lusts located in our soul—mind, will and emotions); from Satan, who cannot read our minds but who does have the power to give us thoughts; or God. Our intents usually originate in our spirit. The Holy Spirit gives gentle impressions to our spirit. It is very easy for us to ignore such impressions and promptings of the Holy Spirit if we are not staying in God's Word daily. If we are faithful to daily receive our spiritual feeding through the Word of God, chances are that Word hidden in our heart will be able to help us discern which voice is speaking to us—the voice of our own flesh, the voice of the enemy or the voice of God. Of course, these voices are not audible, but nevertheless they influence our souls (mind, will and emotions) throughout the day.

Once the Word of God finds entrance into our souls, our broken hearts can be healed and knitted together, and the life-giving flow of His blood that avails all for us can cause our souls to be whole again. David said, "The entrance of Your word gives light" (v. 130). When the light of God's Word penetrates our soul, exposure of flaws takes place and the surgery and healing can begin.

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Lord, help me to allow Your Word to enter deeply into my heart today to do the surgery needed to make my soul whole and well. Thank You.

READ: 2 Samuel 15:23-16:23; John 18:25-19:22; Psalm 119:113-131; Proverbs 16:10-11


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