End-Times Author: Christians Do Not Go Into the Tribulation


One large fear in Christianity today is what will happen to believers when the Tribulation arrives. Will we go into the Tribulation? Are we already there? Is Jesus going to need Christians to help Him inside the Tribulation? The Bible shares dozens of verses offering solid proof, so we can know without question that the answer to all three questions is a resounding no.

This problem exists because many believers do not understand what the Tribulation is and what it is not. I have just completed 6 sequential episodes, a 3-episode series, on the Tribulation followed by a 3-episode series on Matthew 24, which shares how we can know Christians do not go into the Tribulation. Here are some takeaways. The entire Tribulation will be horrific; There will be no peace of any kind for all seven years. The results of fourth seal judgment and the sixth trumpet judgment prove this. The Tribulation is the 70th week of Daniel, for the Jews. There is no need for Christians to spend exhaustive time on this subject because we will be visibly raptured, not in secret, before the Tribulation arrives. I give compelling biblical evidence for this in my 6-part rapture series, episodes 15-20. God does not need any help from today's Christians inside the Tribulation.

Utilizing three literary interpretive tools, we will learn that Matthew 24 is not stating Christians will go into the Tribulation. I explain these three tools for you in episode 27. God is loving and magnificent; He has no desire to place the bride of Christ in any peril.

Think about this: 99% of all believers in Jesus, since His first visit, have already died. Their bodies are asleep in their graves; their souls are with the Lord. Why would Jesus desire to have those of us alive today, who have accepted Him, to go into the Tribulation, while most of His bride is already safe in heaven with Him? This would mean that those of us alive today would be unfortunate to be living now if the horrific Tribulation was to be our fate. The goal with my podcast teachings is to share ample Scripture showing us God has no intention to place living believers in Jesus into the Tribulation. His Son died to save us and cleansed us through the blood He shed for us on the cross. We are not destined for wrath. Praise be to Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, our Lord!

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