Embrace This Divine Secret Weapon to Press Into Your Destiny


God has a secret weapon for the remnant of this generation.

He is in the process of doing so much, both inside and outside the church. With the abundance of prophetic insights and bold decrees, it could appear that there is a tidal wave of erratic movement in the spiritual realm, and that may be the case. But I believe God is far more organized and calculated than we realize, and if we stop to measure and listen closely, much of what God is revealing to so many people appears to be the same message—presented in a variety of ways. I believe it is simply this: God is raising up a remnant to do a mighty and unique work in this generation.

Recently, when reading through the life of Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son and the grandson of King Saul, in 2 Samuel 9, I noted three principles that we can each carry with us. Perhaps you will step in among the remnant?

First, notice in verse 1 that David was seeking a remnant of the house of Saul. "House of Saul" represents the rejected and the outcast, and those who operate in disobedience. Saul was stripped of his anointing because of his disobedience and rebellion. It is remarkable that David was seeking to redeem and restore someone of Saul's house—all on account of Jonathan, his close friend.

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What a mighty parallel that God is seeking to restore a remnant because of the work of the cross. I believe God is intentionally seeking out those who are a part of the "house of Saul" to crown them and seat them at His table, just as David was seeking out a remnant of Saul's house.

Don't miss that: God delights in showing mercy. The remnant will be recipients of an unmerited mercy and grace. Hallelujah!

Second, take note that Mephibosheth was lame on account of someone else's mistake. Scripture tells us that in fleeing the royal palace, his nurse dropped the young boy, causing him to incur an injury that would leave him crippled for life (2 Sam. 4:4).

What we are seeing right now is a grand "fleeing" and "crippling." Fear due to the pandemic, war, scarcity of food and resources have many people running. In the midst of this, there are those who are innocent—such as our children, the elderly and even many of those within the church who are perhaps young in the faith—who may incur life-altering injury. We are a generation that is birthing Mephibosheths.

We cannot be certain of the limitations his injuries caused him, but we can note that he had a caretaker. This caretaker seems to have given him just enough to raise him and help adapt to life but was incapable of leading Mephibosheth to his true destiny.

The byproduct of this generation will be those who miss out on their destiny—cut off from the royalty that would be their inheritance.

Finally, when Mephibosheth entered David's court, the king called him by name (2 Sam. 9:6). His ailment actually preserved Mephibosheth; his injury both limited and exposed him.

You see, his injury would have prevented him from being able to branch out. Mephibosheth was only able to go as far as his caretaker was willing to go. His ailment limited his environment.

This generation may be experiencing missed opportunities and limitations unlike any generation in the past. But I believe this is happening by God's design. It is one of the methods God is using to preserve a generation that is so lost and confused. This crippling limitation now manifesting through addictions, social media and mental health challenges is one that I believe God will use to mark this generation and keep its members dependent until the call of God, much like David's call, goes out

King David, in calling Mephibosheth by name, was able to recognize him through his ailment. It is the ailment that makes the heart vulnerable and open to respond.

Mephibosheth responded to the king "What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?" (2 Sam 9:8, NIV). The afflictions we face today cultivate the humility needed to respond tomorrow. It is out of brokenness and emptiness that God makes His mercy and grace known.

Ailments, afflictions and brokenness are the secret weapons that will combat the hindrances of experiencing the goodness of God!

Aaron Rios is a worship artist, author and pastor residing in New England with a contagious passion for encouraging, equipping and inspiring believers to pursue their kingdom destiny for the cause of Christ. He hosts the Press On With Aaron Rios podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

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