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The Call for True Apostles and Prophets

When was the last time, if ever in your lifetime, you have witnessed true apostolic and prophetic authority that manifests in rebuke and reproof?
The implications of this will be extraordinary.

The NAR and the Restoration of Apostolic Ministry Today

I believe that the present embrace of the fivefold ministry of evangelical pastors is going to bring a convergence between the charismatic, independent apostolic networks, evangelical networks and ultimately even evangelical Bible-confessing denominations.
They have been hurt or confused or abused, causing some to reject the move of the Spirit today and causing others to lose their faith entirely.

So Many Charismatic Casualties

Have you been burned by a false prophecy? Did you lose your faith when a promised healing never came? Have you had it with flaky teaching in the name of "new revelation"? If so, you are not alone.
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