8 Ways We Can Represent God in This World

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The Bible gives criteria for how to represent God to this world. (Ron Loveday/creationswap.com)

3. We are called to integrate godly motivation with godly activity.

Jesus corrected the religious leaders who honored God with their lips but their hearts were far from Him (Mark 7:6).

Jesus told them to wash the inside of the cup (their hearts) and not just the outside (Matt. 23:25-26). Paul spoke about how some even preach the gospel out of envy and competition and strife (Phil. 1:15) and not sincerely. God judges our hearts not just our actions (Matt. 7:21-22). Thus, our hearts, actions and words all need to be integrated with godly purity and a motive of love for our heavenly Father, which implores us to spread His kingdom.

4. We are called to live to serve, not vice versa.

Jesus said (Matt. 20:28) that He came not to be ministered to but to minister and to give His life as a ransom for many. Often, those who are in church ministry strive for a title, position and accolades resulting in an entitlement mentality that demands everyone serve them.

For example, when I was consecrated a bishop (in 2006) many congratulated me for being "elevated" to which I replied that I believed I was being made lower, not higher. Unfortunately, the celebrity-driven secular culture in which certain popular ministers are treated as gods and rock stars has influenced the church at large. Jesus told us plainly that in the world the rulers dominate over their people (Mark 10:42), but the greatest in His kingdom are those who serve. Those who work behind the scenes to make others successful are greater in God's eyes than those who work for public applause. If we are going to represent God in this world, we have to begin by having a servant's heart.

5. We are called to be Christ-like in attitude.

In order to represent God we need to be Christ-like. This comes forth strongest when we do not merely think about the things we desire but what others need. The apostle Paul spoke about this in Philippians 2:3-12 when He wrote that Jesus did not think equality with God was a thing to be grasped (even though He was in substance God the Son) but made Himself of no reputation and humbled Himself and became obedient even to the death of the cross. Jesus was broken regarding His willingness to preserve His life (Matt. 26:39).

Often people are flocking to hear the most gifted speakers, singers, musicians and healers because we are a culture that celebrates gifts, talents and abilities rather than humility and brokenness. God told us (Is. 57:15) that even though He dwells in the high and lofty places, He dwells with those who are humble and contrite. He exalts the humble and resists the proud. God loves humility. The apostle Paul said not to think of ourselves higher than we ought to think (Rom. 12:3) and to be willing to dwell with the lowly (Rom. 12:16). To represent God we need to walk in the humility and brokenness of Christ.

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