Walking the Talk: A Lifestyle of Sharing Jesus

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Have you ever wondered what inspires Christians with what they do for the Lord? Prayerfully, I can give you a glimpse of why I say, "God is great!" as well as get excited about Christians making an eternal impact with whomever God places along their paths each day. Until the day God calls me home, I want all that is within my life to point people to God!

It has probably been eight years ago now. God, and only God, was the inspiration to study the book of Revelation at that time. As Revelation can be a difficult book to study, my pastor recommended getting John MacArthur's commentary on the book of Revelation. In just a few short words, the study of that book alone would make any Christian get excited about sharing Jesus with anyone in hopes of people giving their lives to Jesus. There is a most glorious day coming for Christians, and I personally think we are very close. However, if you are not a Christian, you do not want to be on this earth for the seven-year Tribulation outlined in the book of Revelation. Oh, give yourself to the Lord today!

In 2015, God started to speak to my heart on what is included in the Walking the Talk book. This book has two parts. The back half is comprised of the "ABC's of Walking the Talk." This section is literally the alphabet spelled out using appropriate words for each letter. Scriptures and Christlike examples support each idea. For example, the section for the letter B includes the word "Blessed" and a Scripture reference of Matthew 5:1-12. Also under the letter B is the word "Birthday," where this may be an opportunity to show a kind deed on a special day. I knew as I was putting this section together that the "Authority of the Believer" and "Battles" had to be included. I enjoyed how God would lead me, or remind me, of the Scriptures to use, especially on these two topics. In a very short time, literally a few days, the "Authority of the Believer" had nine references, and "Battle" had 14 Scripture references. I had notes, and I could not wait to hear what God had to say next!

The first half of the book was written later. This was a product of stepping alongside one of the members of my church and teaching on evangelism. This is where I need to be honest. Many church members do not get too excited about evangelism (sharing Jesus with others) or stewardship (managing God's resources) classes. This is where I say, "Oh, but God." During the week, both of us would simply study what God laid on our hearts. But come Sunday, this is where we saw how awesome God is! What he studied and what I studied complimented each other. To add to this, we would get surprised by who might be in class. One Sunday, the men's group joined the class. Another Sunday, we were asked to join one of the other classes. My favorite class was the Sunday before Christmas one year. We had students from fifth grade through junior high join us. We were able to take the Christmas story to the crucifixion and resurrection and talk about heaven with these dear souls. They were engaged and asked questions, and we prayed together at the end of class. (I wrote a Christmas program based on this class. Please visit my website lovedalways.net, and you will be able to find it about midway down. Enjoy your Christmas in July!)

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We watched the Lord each and every Sunday we did evangelism class. As we were in the worship service, God would echo a topic, Scripture or even a song that came out of class. It did not matter if we had a guest minister. We had a difficult time saying, "God is good." With what we saw God do, we had to say, "God is great!" We still do this years later.

By the time the first part of Walking the Talk was completed, it included chapters on "Team Jesus," "The Road to Heaven," "Appointment with God," "Prayer," "Rewards" and "Heaven." Any book on sharing Jesus with others needs a prayer of salvation, and this book includes that too.

During my Loved Always podcasts on Charisma Podcast Network, we have been digging into this book as part of a Bible study. Yes! Bring your Bible! However, I can only just touch the surface of its content. There are just countless Scriptures and examples included. I truly want to give you a foundation to work from. God knows how to beautifully open doors and put people along our paths each day as well as moments to listen to them. God can also give us the words to share and guide our actions with people. If you have ever found yourself questioning words or actions, I would like to invite you to grab a copy of the book and let it inspire you! God most definitely wants to work in and through each person. We are blessed to be a blessing!

My website, lovedalways.net, has links to purchase both Walking the Talk and Heaven Bound. I would like to make sure you have great resources that help you on your journey with the great God we love, serve and worship.

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