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When a Movie Becomes a Movement

How God's Not Dead transcended expectations and created a movement of young people who can defend their faith.

Jesus is extending an invitation to you. Will you accept it?

How Do You Get God's Grace?

The Bible says God is ready and willing to give you his grace and secure a future for you in heaven.

Why is the cross so offensive to many?

Billy Graham: Why Does the Cross Offend People?

In this message, preached in May 1958, Rev. Graham considers why people don't want to hear about the cross—and why we must come to terms with what the cross says to all of us in order to be saved.

The Jews referred to this rock as the "Throne of Messiah." When the Messiah was to come, he would first appear sitting on this rock prior to the deliverance of Israel.

41 Days Before Easter: Messiah's Throne

No matter how He appeared, Jesus is indeed the Messiah, the Anointed One. Take a moment to watch this video and worship Jesus as your Savior.


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