Why I'm Praying for Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham needs our prayers.
Franklin Graham needs our prayers. (BGEA)

After reading recent commentaries regarding Pastor Franklin Graham, we are seeking God in prayer and reaching out to prayer partners regarding this matter. Pastors and politicians alike are scrambling for answers to the problems of the world while ignoring the obvious. All of the killing, the shedding of innocent blood, born and unborn, is a problem. Lack of justice and righteousness in our legal system, and racism are also problematic. The police and law enforcement are all too often ignoring civil and legal restraints built in to protect and to enforce. 

Why is the Christian church in trouble? Why are our governments in decay? Decline of universal church membership? Decline of voters at the polls? Over 55 million voters and potential church members die by abortion before they see the light of day! 

Designer sermons which pick and choose which sin to preach against [such as ignoring adultery and fornication while slamming homosexuality] are so hypocritical, misleading and downright confusing. God is not the author of confusion! We all have sinned about something. We all need to repent and come clean. 

Also imbalance of equity regarding African-Americans is causing moral, social and financial bankruptcy. It's time to come clean. 

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But Christians are attacking one another. Just take a look at the group of pastors and Christian leaders who rebuked Franklin Graham after he posted about obeying law-enforcement officers.

Here's what some people are saying:

"U know, I just read the short Charisma article, and I think what Graham said is HIS opinion and, frankly, is being blown up into something it's not. If he misunderstands one group's experience, let that group of pastors go and explain it to him calmly and privately (Read MATTHEW 18:15-17). Publicly saying he's 'sinned' and attacking him like this ISN'T Christian. All it does is create an ugly spectacle and give the enemies of Jesus ammunition to use against HIS Church. At least, that's my opinion. Luv u." —Sister V

"Definitely not a loving Christian approach. Stirs up strife." —Alveda

"Exactly. We're supposed to luv our brothers and sisters in CHRIST as well as our enemies. We've also gotta resist acting out emotionally. Every time I make an emotional decision, I mess up. :-!" —Sister V

"Hi Dear Friend, I just finished preaching overseas and came in and read your post. I think as the white community we are clueless and insensitive on many different levels to what has been and is going on with the pain and inequities that still exist on many different levels.

"We have no right to lecture in social media. So sorry, my friend! Love you so much." —Sister C

"Hi Alveda.  Just saw this.  I read Franklin Graham's post again.  Alveda there is way too much abuse by police. Both black and white police. I have a fear of police because I have a fear for those in authority. So I probably over comply. Having said that , I am white so I have never suffered the kind of abuse that African Americans have. I don't even have the remotest clue what that kind of abuse and discrimination would feel like. Again there is far too much violence against blacks by white police. I tend think it's a minority of white police. I hope it's a small group and not the majority of white police. When I reread Franklin Grahams post he seemed to be calling those shootings unnecessary. That is the word he used. He seemed to be saying that if people complied with a command to submit and not fight or run there would be less shootings. I suppose that might be true in some cases. 

"I didn't feel Graham was sinning against any group by his remarks but I can also see how his words could be interpreted in a way that he didn't mean to have them taken. Nerves on all sides are very very raw right now. I think Mr. Graham would have deleted his post without sending if he had any clue how his words would be understood from various viewpoints. I know Mr. Graham goes all over the earth giving millions in aid to hurting and suffering minority group. I don't think he has a prejudiced bone in his body but now I see he should never have posted that. It made things worse. Yikes. Lord heal our land, end abuse, reconcile our races, restore peace, and get the bad apples out of our police force." —Brother S

"I agree with the writers. But sometimes we presume to speak without relationship. Brother Graham should be  more ambassadorial in his postings. His heart is in the right place but he appears to not have either compassion or understanding about the race problem." —Brother BH

"Totally agree with you: if he tells us to 'obey' he must also tell police to enforce the law in an unbiased and fair manner under the law...they too should obey the law...history is full of cases where blacks obeyed and still were beaten or died or had evidence planted...he should urge a color blind justice system as would Christ." —Clarence McKee, Fellow newsmax.com Insider

"Romans 13 is without a question, but what do u do if u believe that u will be mistreated if u obey? There needs to be education on both sides. Through much prayer, God surely will reveal deeply seated lies that each side unconsciously believe that precipitates wrong actions. Then we must turn around and develop basic guidelines in race relations. God is good." —Prophet E

"So while disobedience to a lawful order endangers the life of the officer and the civilian, the officers should have an honest duty of care." —Alveda and Mike

And as if all of this isn't enough, here's more on the marriage front. God help us. 

What do you think of Graham's comments? Sound off!

Dr. Alveda King is the daughter of the late civil-rights activist the Rev. A.D. King and niece of Martin Luther King Jr. She is also a civil rights and pro-life activist, as well as director of the African-American outreach for Priests for LifeClick here to visit her blog.

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