Urgent Call To Prayer

Lou EngleThis week, one of the most significant court cases in America's history will take place. The California Supreme Court will hear arguments regarding the overturning of the vote of the people last year to pass Proposition 8, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

If this vote is overturned, not only will it set a major precedent of the court's power over the will of the people, but it will likely be the flashpoint that will determine the future of America as liberal and homosexual agendas will disseminate throughout the educational systems and into the very fiber of American culture.

The California state Senate just ruled against the people's vote and asked the court to overthrow the defining of marriage as between a man and a woman. State Sen. Mark Leno likened the people who voted for Proposition 8 to the Germans who voted for the Nazi regime.

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During these past three months since President Obama's election, the voices of rage against Judeo-Christian values and against the church have been emboldened to use inflammatory language and pass bills and laws that are anti-Christian in their very nature. When senators use such language, persecution is close at hand.

We are in a desperate moment in American history. Everyone is pointing to the severe crisis of our economy, but I am convinced it is only an indicator of a massive moral decline America has slid into. It is time to pray, humble ourselves and rid ourselves of moral compromise in the church. If the salt loses its savor, it is only good for being thrown out and trampled under the foot of man.

Today we are calling the church across the nation to pray. Take this moment and hear His call to humility, fasting and repentance. If we do this, God can deal with kings and judges like He haunted Nebuchadnezzar with dreams and removed Herod by the angel of the Lord. This hearing today will be followed by a 90-day period in which the court must make a decision.

Pray for these judges that the hand of God will influence their minds and hearts, that the fear of the Lord would fall upon them, and that dreams would invade their world, their wives, their children and their innermost thoughts.

Pray that God would restrain principalities and powers that have mustered their forces of demons to seize this nation through this door in California.

Pray for an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit in California and America.

Pray that God would raise up righteous leaders and bring down the unrighteous ones.

Pray for the cleansing of sexual compromise and divorce in the church so that she can reclaim spiritual authority.

Finally, pray that the love of God would be poured out on those struggling with homosexuality across this nation.

Oh, that the power of God, the power of the gospel, would be released again to free the captives! This is a moment in time that calls for crisis intercession. To resign to an inevitable collapse of society is sin, for throughout history God has moved with amazing power to change the courses of nations and overthrow the wrongdoers. Just look at Elijah's confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel. This could be our Elijah moment. Seize the day!

Lou Engle is founder of TheCall prayer movement.

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