7 Steps to Help You Maximize the Power of Healing Prayer

These seven steps for your healing prayer are powerful. (Photo by Alina Strong on Unsplash)

In addition to healing prayer, great nutrition and exercise, you can restore a damaged organ in your body by removing any emotions that contributed to the organ's malfunction and any false identification you may have made with this infirmity by saying, "This is who I am."

For example, "I am a heart-attack victim." This free, downloadable prayer worksheet takes you through the steps.

Seven steps that help you maximize the transforming power of this prayer:

  1. Music: Have this soft soaking music playing in the background (keep it very soft).
  2. Emotions: Identity and replace emotions that contributed to the damage of the organ, and take the time to feel emotional responses throughout the entire prayer.
  3. Picture everything as you pray it: Especially picture the organ you are praying for. When possible, lay your hands on the organ you are praying for, as that will help focus your attention and God's healing power directly on that organ. If the infirmity is throughout your body, lay your hands wherever the Holy Spirit leads you to lay your hands.
  4. Flow: Tune to flowing thoughts, flowing pictures and flowing emotions.
  5. Review this prayer and expand your journaling on following days to deepen its impact.
  6. Speak aloud: Once you have journaled what the Lord is speaking to you and your response back to Him, go back and read that aloud. This will deepen its impact. Life is in the power of your tongue (Prov. 18:21).
  7. Pause after each phrase, letting it soak in. I plan for 30-45 minutes for this prayer encounter.

Interactive Prayer for Healing an Organ

"Lord Jesus, I come to You concerning (name organ or infirmity) and the emotions and beliefs within me that have contributed to its malfunction.

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"Lord, what do You want to speak to me on this organ's behalf? What beliefs and emotions contributed to this malfunction?" (Tune to flowing thoughts that light upon your mind. Allow emotions to flow freely as you dialogue with Jesus about this organ. Let this be a powerful healing encounter with deep emotions.)

—Record what God speaks.

—Record your response to God (repent as necessary).

—Record any response you receive back.

Cleanse yourself and your cells from false identification. "I release these unhealthy emotions to You (name each). Jesus, please cleanse from my memory and all my cells any identification I have made with these unhealthy emotions, where I have said, 'This is who I am.'" (Watch Jesus as He cleanses your cells, sweeping them clean, filling them with His divine light.)

"Lord, cleanse me from any false identification that I have made with the damaged organ saying, 'This is who I am and I must now live with this condition for the rest of my life.' I release this false identification to You, Jesus. I do not identify myself as a victim. This is not who I am. This was simply something I have experienced.

"So Jesus, I ask You to remove this false identity and restore to me my true identity of who I am in You. My identity is that I am Your loved, protected and cared-for child. I receive Your healing, transforming touch. I lay down my barriers of unbelief, self-effort and self-protection, and acknowledge I am healed by the mighty hand of God."

—Journaling: See, feel and record what you are experiencing as you stay tuned to flow (perhaps shaking, restoration, peace).

Deliverance: "Thank You, Jesus. I command all demons connected with this trauma, emotion and infirmity to leave now in Jesus' name (address, renounce and command each one to leave, naming them by using a description of what they have caused). Be gone! You are dismissed. I no longer have need of you."

Healing: "Lord, pour Your healing oil into my being. Renew and restore me (see Him doing this). Thank You, Lord, for setting me free!"

Comment: You normally will feel a release, and very likely shaking, as the Spirit moves upon you, unless you are like I was for many years—one of those people who locked feelings and emotional responses out of your life.

Vision of my new reality and my future: "Lord, is there anything You would like to speak to me or show me that would seal this new identity into my being?" Tune to His flowing thoughts, flowing pictures and flowing emotions and journal out what He reveals. Re-read it several times over the next few days. Record what Jesus says.

Definition of When a Hurt Is Healed

"A hurt is healed when you can see the gift God has produced in your life through it."

—Lord, what is the gift You have produced in my life through this situation?

—I now live in God's kingdom emotions of love, joy, peace, compassion, gratitude and thankfulness (Rom. 14:17).

A Follow-up Prayer

I often go back and review the prayer and healing experience from the previous day, letting the Holy Spirit deepen and expand it. I might even do this for a couple of days.

Then I move on: "Holy Spirit, please bring to my mind other events throughout my lifetime that have fueled this condition so identification with these events can also be renounced."

Take the list of events the Holy Spirit gives you and pray the above prayer for each of them. Birth is a traumatic event, which will go on this list.

The more thorough the prayer, the more complete the healing and the greater your freedom from fear and its resulting negative impact upon your being.

Download this "Inner Healing for an Organ"– Prayer Worksheet and complete it (free and interactive), or you can do your journaling in your journaling notebook.

Download the slightly revised version of the above worksheet titled "Removing a Besetting Sin" and complete it (free and interactive).

—Blog: Does Heart Surgery Cause the Heart to Pick Up a Spirit of Fear?

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