Why We Must Pray for God's Protection and Intervention Right Now


I dream a lot of dreams from God, mostly symbolic, and the one I'm about to share was mostly literal. This has been bathed in prayer over the last week since I received it.

Close friends, prophets and ministers I know have been praying, and others have sent me similar dreams but perhaps from another angle. This one has been submitted to a prophetic roundtable, and I discussed it with several prophets to whom I am close before publicly sharing it.

However, I state this with reverence, awe, holiness and responsibility for God's intervention and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Most of my prophetic ministry is for equipping others to hear God and prophesy through encouragement, comfort and edification. However, when God sends warnings, there is a weight and responsibility to steward them in prayer, seek counsel and confirmation and release it if God leads, so that a divine strategy can be implemented as the church prays, repents and prepare to be agents of healing and revival.

I want to say it clearly here that in no way was this a personal spiritual attack on me. I don't want anyone "binding and rebuking" my dream. When I awoke, I did so as I normally do from God's dreams: not frightened nor alarmed but peacefully praying. This dream is not God's will, but I believe it reveals the strategy of the evil one and is a warning and call to pray and minister healing.

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Within the dream, it was as though I were looking over the shoulder of the person who was in the center of it, seeing these events as closely as possible through their eyes, with their feelings and emotions connected to mine. So, when you read 'I' in the dream, know it was not necessarily me personally:

Thursday, Aug. 20, I woke up from a dream. The events I saw in the dream were disturbing, but on waking, I was not terrified but stirred to immediate prayer. I believe God still sends warnings so His bride will pray, intercede and decree into the spirit, and outcomes and events that the enemy has planned can be thwarted, nullified, canceled and deleted.

But even if the enemy's plans which were revealed do come to pass, all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes. And we obeyed God to pray, fast and call people to Him, warning them of the devil's lies, deceit and plans to steal, kill and destroy.

In my dream, I was at a place like a festival. I was reminded of an event like a fairground or concert area, perhaps an amphitheater. A big event was taking place, and I was making sure things were going smoothly behind the scenes. I may have been part of the security team, but a well-known Christian bishop was there, and I quickly relayed the message to him that the band—perhaps a worship band or other music—was ready. After this, I had to go up the hill to get something, but this event was about to start.

However, as I walked up the hill, I heard screaming and then saw some people running as a car careened down the hill. I had to jump over to avoid being hit by the car, as many other people were hit by it. Shock overwhelmed everyone with what transpired.

As people started getting up and others ran to victims who were hit by the car to try to help, another vehicle came flying down the hill, crashing into people.

The feeling that this was intentional swept over me at this point, and within the dream, I was reminded of the feeling on 9/11 when the world watched live when the second plane hit the Twin Towers and knew we were under attack.

As the second car came crashing into people, I then heard quick and numerous semi-automatic gunfire, some in rapid succession, which was nearly automatic fire, coming from above. I heard hundreds of people screaming and then saw lots of people running in every direction.

It was at this point I realized I was unarmed and unprepared for what was taking place. And the dream ended.

But I awoke with the need to pray. I was not frightened or scared but knew this was a summons and call to pray against the devil's plans.

I believe this is a warning dream—to pray into, seek Jesus and be prepared for an attack. It may be a coordinated attack on a Christian or public event. But we are to be prepared to help, serve, protect and if need be, fight. Some may take this symbolically, while others may pass it off, but I think it is more literal with some symbolism in the dream. The symbolism includes the prominent bishop (I think he represented a prominent well-known person present at this event/festival, and it could be a Christian concert/event). That's because I've been a dreamer from God for many years, and the symbolic dreams are usually interpreted quickly, but the literal ones are prayed into heavily but aren't interpreted like the symbolic ones until things happen.

I've had similar warning dreams before, and warnings don't come to me often, though I'm available for them. But I'd dreamed of some events like Columbine and hijacking a plane with a knife (9/11) and have had groups pray against them. Although these things then took place, we don't know what our prayers released into it or what God did through them as we obeyed Him and He worked through the circumstances.

And I know scripturally that God answers the cries of the martyrs of the faith; His justice prevails through tragedy; and revival can take place (see Rev. 6:9-11).

I've submitted this to a prophetic roundtable I know along with other close prophetic friends and several prophets and prophetic ministers. Most respond in prayer, saying they feel the weight to pray into it. And they respond saying they think it is literal, seeing the enemy's plans to pray against.

Please pray, bathing it in prayer and intercession if God leads you, and take to Father's heart and throne room. Pray for God's protection; that the enemy's plans be canceled, deleted and thwarted; that God's justice prevails, lives are saved and souls come into personal relationship with Jesus. We need to return to our first love, repent of our sins and be agents of healing for our land.

Jared Laskey, M.Div., M.A. Christian Ministry, is the founder of Fireborn Ministries and host of the Adventures in the Spirit podcast. He lives to see Jesus awaken this generation to the power of the Holy Spirit. Jared loves teaching people how to hear God. He has recently published the Spirit-Empowered Journal, available on Amazon, and e-course, Entry Level Prophecy. His testimony of how God supernaturally healed him of PTSD is in Joan Hunter's new book, Miracles for Veterans.

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