Florida Prayer Network Leader Says Florida's DeSantis 'Won't Back Down'

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel. (Flagov.com)

The determination of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to fight for parents' rights has come up against vicious, anti-Christian and perverse opposition, such as The Walt Disney Company's wokeness and defiance.

It is indeed a clash of the titans, but a leading government prayer intercessor in Tallahassee, where the governor is valiantly leading his state, says that the real clash is in the spiritual realm.

The good news is that the body of Christ is starting to wake up to the truth about "woke" indoctrination and stand up for righteousness, says Pam Olsen, founder and executive director of Florida Prayer Network.

Her message draws a proverbial line in the sand when it comes to sexualizing children and going behind parents' backs to teach gender confusion and the equivalent of sex worship: "Not on my watch." As a concerned mother of 4 and grandmother of 12, she is challenging all Christians to take a similar stand.

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"As we see the church as a whole wake up and pray and fast, we'll hear strategies of heaven on how to stop this nonsense that is trying to take away the rights of parents," says Olsen. "This radical agenda has been going on for decades, but it has become more intense in recent years. We have to fight for parents' rights. We're fighting for truth and righteousness."

In late March, Gov. DeSantis signed House Bill (HB) 1557, Parental Rights in Education, which reinforces parents' fundamental rights to make decisions regarding the upbringing of their children.

Disney and their allies opposing Florida's positive legislation for the rights of parents and the love-based, sane protection of kids are demanding that people bow down to their ideology, which is the opposite of the Bible, an affront to true family values, and a Trojan horse for subversive, God-forsaken brainwashing.

"Disney has overplayed their hand," Olsen insists. "Things are shifting toward righteousness across Florida and across America. But the body of Christ still needs to come to a place of better understanding. There is a clashing of swords in the spiritual realm."

The arrogance of Disney in attacking the so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill in Florida is based on a lie. Olsen pointed out that the new law has nothing to do with not saying the word "gay." She says, "Many people who are criticizing Gov. DeSantis' courageous signing of the Parents' Rights law have not even read the legislation. They are deceived to think that if anyone dares not to bow down, they're 'haters.' They are flat-out wrong, and it's time for the truth to come out."

National and local media outlets across the country have irresponsibly called the Parents' Rights bill the deceptive "Don't Say Gay" tagline on air for weeks in a clever attempt to twist the truth, use propaganda as a tool of manipulation and silence the voices of traditional morality.

Emboldened in the Spirit of God, Florida Prayer Network leaders say, "Gov. DeSantis will not back down. He will most certainly not back down. He knows what's at stake. He believes in the power of prayer. He engages in prayer, and God has put him in the position as a leader for such a time as this. However, the Church as a whole needs to do more to pray daily for Gov. DeSantis, for members of all three branches of government, both state and federal and their families. They need prayer. Prayer is an effective strategy. The fight is fierce. The battle is not over."

So goes Florida, so goes the nation. Olsen was quick to point out that DeSantis only won by approximately 32,000 votes in 2018. If the election had swung the other way, Florida would have had a liberal-progressive governor who was caught in a hotel room with illegal narcotics soon after his loss, expediting the plummeting of his political stardom.

Under DeSantis' leadership, Florida is setting a new standard, which will reportedly soon be emulated in other Republican-led states from coast to coast.

Olsen claims that prayer made the positive difference in the 2018 gubernatorial race, touching God's heart to make Florida into a shining light on a hill for America to return to its roots of Judeo-Christian values, individual rights (including parental rights), limited government and the freedom to protect children from leftist-progressive ideologies that deny sinfulness and the fallen nature of humanity, while treating government as if it's a god. Olsen's view is anchored in a perspective of democracy that the Founding Fathers established.

"We need to be bold," says Olsen, who is known as "the prayer lady" at Florida's Capitol. "We need to pray together and be watchmen on the wall, and as moms, dads and pastors, say, 'Not on my watch. Enough is enough.'"

Governmental prayer intercession is at the core of the mission of Florida Prayer Network. Olsen has personally prayed with Gov. DeSantis and a number of government officials in Florida and Washington, D.C. She says Florida's governor welcomes prayer and encourages it. Olsen also prays with Democrats, sharing the love of Jesus.

Olsen is the state director of the Florida Prayer Caucus and leads a house of prayer in the capital city. She leads prayer in the Florida Capitol building every week during session.

She says that, in the liberal city of Tallahassee, there are many courageous believers in the Florida state government. An increasing number of legislators are being elected who love the Lord. They see the attempted takeover by godless, power-hungry ideologues who will say anything and promise anything to get elected. Biblical truth matters.

The Florida Prayer Network founder reminisced about the powerful prophetic words spoken over the state of Florida over the last few decades. As someone who was saved during the Jesus Movement of the 1970s, she sees similar dynamics for the next Jesus Movement to be unleashed in Florida and across the nation.

The battle of good vs. evil, as depicted in this DeSantis vs. the deceivers who lie about the Parents' Rights Bill, is setting the stage because parents across America now realize that the thinly veiled evil agenda of the leaders with the godless "woke" secular religion has virtually no end in sight.

Without pushback, the people who want to sexualize children between kindergarten and third grade with gender propaganda will simply keep demanding more until Bible-based Christianity is completely annihilated.

The progressive leaders, who tend to shudder and roll their eyes at the truth of Jesus Christ, are globalists and intellectual "elites" who want to control everything and everyone, including trampling on the freedom of speech and freedom of religion that are rights of every American under the U.S. Constitution.

The question is how strong Christians will push back within their constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Disney, in particular, is not making many true Christians "happy" these days. There is a better chance of Mickey Mouse partying at the Playboy Mansion with first graders than ending up in a Spirit-filled church glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ for His eternal love and peace that passes all understanding. The Bible warns about corrupting the little children. The silent majority is poised to arise with a "Don't Say Disney" rebuttal.

At a strategically spiritual level, God has positioned Pam Olsen, along with her husband, Tenney, to stand in the gap, partnering with other intercessors across Florida and the nation. The soul of America is at stake.

"God is still moving, despite all the challenges," Olsen remarks, expressing hope in the midst of the firestorm about the Parents' Rights legislation. "The job of the millions of readers of Charisma is to pray for our political leaders daily. We have to be in the fight for truth and righteousness."

The Holy Spirit is not backing down either.

Anthony Hart is a freelance writer.

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