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The burning love in God's heart has at least five expressions.

5 Expressions of God’s Love

Mike Bickle writes that the love burning in God's heart has at least five expressions—ones that radically change how we view our lives and how we understand salvation.

Every believer is called not only to pray but also to a life of prayer.

Mike Bickle: Why We Must Pray

Prayer is a high calling and an amazing privilege. In the first of a series of excerpts from his book, Growing in Prayer, IHOPKC Director Mike Bickle explains exactly why God calls every believer to a life of prayer.

prayer healing sick jesus commands

Jesus Never Told Us to Pray for the Sick

Certainly praying for the sick is scriptural, especially for those in the church, but isn't it interesting that in the gospels and Acts no one did so? What does this mean?


10 Pivotal Moments When Jesus Prayed

Jesus never told us to do something He didn't do. What can we learn from these 10 prayers Christ prayed while walking the earth?

How to Pray With Life-Changing Boldness

What Jesus says about pushing the boundaries in prayer isn't just startling, it's life-changing for every believer in need of an urgent reply from God.

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