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God won't ever turn deaf and mute when we are walking upright with Him.

Is God Ever Silent?

Laura Harris Smith set out to find the answer by reading through the entire Bible in five days.

Prayer is a divine synergy between God and man.

Prayer: A Divine Partnership

Think about the difficult circumstances in your life right now. What changes do you desire to see? What change does God desire to see?

The Lord is awakening His people to participate in intercessory prayer.

The Secret Place: New Levels of Intercession Arise

As the people of God follow through with the heavenly strategies in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads, breakthrough unseen previously against injustices will emerge—not only on personal and corporate levels, but national levels.

Have you ever considered praying while watching the news, or watching the news while you're praying?

How to Bring the News Into the War Room

You can remain in fear, stress, anger, and frustration when you watch the news, align yourself with the enemy, or you can do this and be a light to the world.

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