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How to Live a Fasted Lifestyle

By definition, fasting is abstaining from food. But the fast God desires goes far beyond merely denying ourselves physical nourishment.

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When You’re Persecuted for Praying in Tongues

When it comes to miracles, it seems we have at least four camps in Christendom. And one of those camps is sorely persecuting those who believe in the gifts of the Spirit.

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Follow God's Calling to Go Beyond the Veil

So many Christians pray as if they live outside God's presence. Yet, we have been called to intimate fellowship in the Holy of Holies. Find out the 3 step process for going beyond the veil.

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Mike Bickle: How I Overcame a Boring Prayer Life

Prayer shouldn't feel like a lifeless or boring requirement. IHOPKC director Mike Bickle shares his secrets to a successful prayer life that will unlock a holy fascination with God.

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Why God Likes Your Prayers

We've heard what a strong prayer life does for our Christian walk; but have you thought about what your prayer does for God? Here's the answer. 

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Billy Graham: America Needs Our Prayers More Than Ever

Billy Graham says he has been praying fervently for a fresh spiritual awakening in America. Now he's asking America to pray as he sets out to bring the gospel of Christ to a media-centric generation.

Created for God’s Glory

Declare over your child that his talents or her abilities will never be wasted in vain pursuits, but that his or her life will be invested only in that which gives praise, honor, and acclaim to the Creator.

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