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Created for God’s Glory

Declare over your child that his talents or her abilities will never be wasted in vain pursuits, but that his or her life will be invested only in that which gives praise, honor, and acclaim to the Creator.

AG General Council

AG Opens 7:14 Prayer Room During 55th General Council

Attendees of AG's 55th General Council next month will be able to pray at stations that focus on finances, healing, family and spiritual direction. Find out how to take part in this special opportunity.

Why Should We Shout?

Worship leader Darlene Zschech helps us understand the divine power behind loud praise. 


God's Sword Will Come Against the Powers of Hell

Let My faithful servants rejoice in My protection, for I take great delight in My people, and I crown their faithfulness with victory. Don't forget who fights the battle for you. 

Claim Salvation for You and Your Family

If a man just introduced to the faith could receive the promise of salvation for his family, how much more those who have fought the good fight of faith for years.


How Divine Mercy Flows to Your Offspring

God honors parents who serve Him. If He did it for David’s seed, He will do it for ours. Find out how God’s mercy and glory will overflow in their lives.


His Word and His Power Are All You Need

When the rubber meets the road, do you truly believe that God's word and power is all you need? Pastor John Eckhart shares what God really thinks of us. 


How to Prepare for Deliverance

When a believer's conscience has been seared and he is no longer able to hear the convicting voice of the Spirit, he is in need of deliverance. Learn how to help someone in need of deliverance. 

Is Your Heart Circumcised?

Once a person’s heart is circumcised, the potential is awakened in him to passionately love the heavenly Father.

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