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Praying with children

5 Strategies for Teaching Your Children to Pray

Children need to know early in their lives that they can talk to God just like they talk to Mommy, Daddy or a best friend. Get equipped with five strategies to teach your children how to make their requests known to God.

Fasting for a Reward

If fasting is about denying yourself, then is it wrong to approach fasting with the purpose of earning something? Scripture answers that question with a few keys to this God-given spiritual discipline that could change your life.

How to Live a Fasted Lifestyle

By definition, fasting is abstaining from food. But the fast God desires goes far beyond merely denying ourselves physical nourishment.

silencing prayer

When You’re Persecuted for Praying in Tongues

When it comes to miracles, it seems we have at least four camps in Christendom. And one of those camps is sorely persecuting those who believe in the gifts of the Spirit.

Praying hands on a Bible

Follow God's Calling to Go Beyond the Veil

So many Christians pray as if they live outside God's presence. Yet, we have been called to intimate fellowship in the Holy of Holies. Find out the 3 step process for going beyond the veil.

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