Apocalyptic Prophecy Fulfilled in the Sky?

This Year of Shemitah will include three lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses.

I've been asked if there could be significance with regard to the blood moons and The Mystery of the Shemitah (and The Harbinger). The Bible has much to say about the Day of the Lord, yet in at least three passages it describes how "the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light" (Matt. 24:29; also Is. 13:9-10, Joel 3:14-15).

Scripture speaks of the sun and the moon and the celestial lights functioning as "signs." The Hebrew word used in Genesis 1:14 is otote; it can also be translated as "evidence," "mark" and "omen." The same verse declares that they will be connected to days and years and "seasons." But the Hebrew word translated as seasons is moedeem. "Moedeem" literally means "an appointment," or "the appointed time," or "the appointed meeting." It is the same word used for the holy days of Israel.

On one hand, eclipses are a regular part of the natural world and do not, in themselves, constitute the fulfillment of apocalyptic end-time prophecy. On the other hand, considering the Scriptures' emphasis on these celestial lights as signs of judgment and the end times, we have to, at the very least, conclude that they may at times serve as signs of significant events.

From the time of this article onward, the period of the blood moons or lunar eclipses will, in effect, be the Year of the Shemitah. One lunar eclipse will take place in the Tishri that begins the Shemitah. The next will appear in the spring marking the center of the Shemitah. And the final one will take place in the Tishri that ends the Shemitah and marks its climactic wake.

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Even more precise, concerning the Shemitah, are the two solar eclipses that will take place in 2015. The first will take place on the day that marks the exact center point of the Shemitah. The second will take place at the time of the Shemitah's climax, the Day of Nullification.

This convergence took place in 1931, when the sun was darkened on Tishri 1, the day that crowns the Shemitah's climax. It ushered in a period of stock market collapses throughout the world and the worst month-long collapse in Wall Street history. In September 1987 the sun was darkened on the Shemitah's Day of Nullification. It ushered the month that saw the greatest stock-market percentage crash in Wall Street history, Black Monday.

If the pattern continues, what will it bring when it happens again in 2015?

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