5 Encouraging Words From Kenneth Hagin's 'America's Last Call'

Kenneth Hagin Sr.
Kenneth Hagin Sr. (YouTube)

The world is in turmoil and many in the body of Christ have dusted off one of Kenneth E. Hagin's prophecies concerning the time that we live in, titled America's Last Call. This prophetic word gives a stern warning that judgment is coming to our great country and that our time is running out.

This prophecy should cause us to wake up and realize the seriousness of the time that we live in, but it is also full of good news concerning this season.

Kenneth E. Hagin's Vision

September 1950

Rockwall, Texas

As it came closer, I could see a man upon the horse. He was riding toward me at full speed. As he approached, I could see he held the reins of the horse's bridle in his right hand, and in his left hand, high above his head, he held a scroll of paper. When the horseman reached me, he pulled on the reins and stopped.

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I stood on his right. He passed the scroll from his left hand to his right hand and handed it to me. As I unrolled the scroll, which was a roll of paper 12 or 14 inches long, he said, "Take and read." At the top of the page in big, bold, black print were the words—WAR AND DESTRUCTION. I was struck dumb. He laid his right hand on my head and said, "Read, in the Name of Jesus Christ!" ... America's Last Call ... The scroll was written in the first person, and seemed as if Jesus Himself were speaking. I read, "America is receiving her last call. Some nations already have received their last call and never will receive another." Then in larger print it said—THE TIME OF THE END OF ALL THINGS IS AT HAND. This statement was repeated four or five times. Jesus also said this was the last great revival.

He went on to say: "All the gifts of the Spirit will be in operation in the church in these last days, and the church will do greater things than even the early church did. It will have greater power, signs and wonders than were recorded in the Acts of the apostles."

He said that we have seen and experienced many healings, but we will now behold amazing miracles that have not been seen before. Jesus continued, "More and more miracles will be performed in the last days which are just ahead, for it is time for the gift of the working of miracles to be more in prominence. We now have entered into the era of the miraculous. (Kenneth E. Hagin's prophecy can be read in its entirety in his book, I Believe in Visions, beginning on page 41.)


I stopped recording the prophecy so we can focus on the positive part of the prophetic word. We are approaching the time that was prophesied concerning the last great revival.

2 Peter 3:9 says, "The Lord is not slow concerning His promise, as some count slowness. But He is patient with us, because He does not want any to perish, but all to come to repentance." Friends, God is in the business of seeing as many people come to know His Son, Jesus Christ, as He can. The signs of the times should encourage us to do everything we can to prepare for this last great revival. Brother Hagin prophesied five amazing positive things:

  • All the gifts of the Holy Spirit will be in operation.
  • The church will do greater things than the early church.
  • The church will have greater power, signs and wonders than recorded in Acts.
  • More and more miracles will be performed in the last days.
  • We have entered the era of the miraculous!

Church, this is not a time to freak out and get in fear. This is time to get excited, to get in faith, to get in a positive expectation that God is going to move on this Earth in an amazing way to bring in the lost before America is judged. Church, this is a time to prepare like you've never prepared for the end-time harvest to come into your church.

Church, this is a time to start having Holy Ghost meetings again, so the Spirit of the Lord can move, miracles can happen and the lost will be attracted to the church again. This is not a time to shrink back; this is a time to press forward like we never have before. We live in exciting times as we watch prophecy come to pass every day across the world. Come on church, wake up and get to work in Jesus' name!

Steve Trexler is a minister and a writer for Kenneth Hagin Ministries in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Steve is the author of Gathering God's Promises, Name Droppers and God's Personality Test, which can be found at his website, fhctn.com. You may also contact Steve at stevetrexler@yahoo.com.

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