Breakthrough Has a Loud, Distinct Sound—And It's Coming Our Way

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Breakthrough has a sound. The Israelites were commanded to march around the city of Jericho. They were instructed to stay quiet, until the specific times where God told them to blow the trumpets, and shout. I am sure as those trumpet blasts were heard, and the sounds of shouting gave way to the crumbling of the walls, that sound reverberated in the memories of the Israelites who were there (Josh. 6:1-21). Walls do not come down quietly. All around the sound of those walls coming down echoed in the ears of the people. Elijah in faith heard the sound of the abundance of rain. This was a time where drought had plagued the land, and I am sure many wondered where God was in all of this (1 Kings 18:41). The silence led to faith, and there was a sound. The rain came down and restored what had been lacking. Adam and Even knew God in the garden by a sound. They heard him and knew it was Him (Gen. 3:8). When Jesus died upon the cross the earth groaned, an earthquake filled the land and the veil was torn in two. That veil being torn meant that people could go into the Holy of Holies. It was breakthrough to the people of God. Can you imagine being in the temple that day as the walls shook and the veil was torn (Matt. 27:51)? Throughout the Bible, there is time after time where the sound of breakthrough is heard.

The natural always reflects the supernatural. Have you ever seen a waterfall or water breaking out of a dam? Eventually the rocks and the dam can't hold back the water any longer. It must bust forth with a mighty force. It must sound out loud. That sound can be heard to those around. Breakthrough has a sound. It is loud. It is forceful. It is decreeing things will never be the same.

I feel there are many of you today crying out to God, because you feel as if you've gone through a season where God has been quiet. Sure, you've heard him little by little, but it's not as loud as in days gone by. You've wondered if you've missed the move of God. You've been faithful in the transitions, and you've done everything God has spoken to you. As in the days of Elijah when it hadn't rained in years and by faith he said, "I hear the sound of the abundance of rain," I am here to declare and decree over those ones, "I hear the sound of breakthrough!" The walls are coming down. The things you have seen walled up for you for years are coming down because no man or thing can stand in between you and the plans God has for you (Prov. 21:30 & Josh. 1:5). I hear the sound of breakthrough. It might sound distant at first, like a wall slowly crumbling. It may just be a few pebbles with a tiny tinkle sound down the wall, but I can hear it. That small sound is just a start. You will hear it now. The boulders are splitting, and the walls are coming down. Be encouraged today. God is faithful to you!

Anna M. Aquino is a published author, guest minister and prophetic voice. Her books: Cursing the Church or Helping It? Exposing the Spirit of BalaamConfessions of a Ninja MomAn Ember In Time and A Marriage In Time are available wherever books are sold. She has been on TBN, TCT and a variety of other TV and radio programs. Check out her website at

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