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'God Is Moving in Company of Young Prophets to Heal the Land'

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There is a fresh wind blowing on the prophetic movement. The church has been blessed with some of the most amazing prophetic voices, from many nations. I remember hearing years ago about this new breed that would be raised up in the prophetic that would walk with the current prophetic voices.

I am so grateful for the forerunners in the prophetic movement, whether known or not in the public's eye. I am so grateful for you. There have been those who have represented Jesus correctly and push forward the kingdom agenda and then those that have misrepresented Jesus Christ and the purpose of the prophetic. They used it to build their own kingdom and for personal gain.

As I have traveled to gather young prophets for our next-gen prophetic roundtables, which are regional meetings with different streams of the prophetic, I asked each young prophet to bring what they feel like God is saying for their region. Our first roundtable, we met in New Jersey and had a northeast roundtable. Then we went to the Anaheim area in Southern California. In January, we will be heading to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to hold a Canadian young prophets roundtable.

I can say that I have seen with my own eyes that God has raised up a "new breed in the prophetic movement." These are those whom I had heard those seasoned prophets prophesied years ago. It is actually beautiful to see. The new breed that has justice and reform tied into their prophetic DNA. They want purity. They want to see their nations reformed. The generation of prophets on whose shoulders we stand use the terminology, "healing the land."

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At our roundtables, we usually meet for a full day in a city in each region. As each young prophet shares, we break down what God is saying and write it out on a board. Then, as the last person shares, we look at what are the most common things and what is mentioned the most. In each of our roundtables, the No. 1 thing is healing of families and running with mothers and fathers. These conversations end up being the most passionate.

I personally believe that most next-gen prophets are reformers too. Which in this case means that we all want to have "strategy" to see the change in families in our nations and to truly see Malachi 4:6 happen in our generation, because we are standing in the middle of the curse in our land. So by the end of our dialoging, we start corporately praying out all these prayers/decrees together.

Revival and Glory to Visit Los Angeles

Charlie Shamp, one of the leading next-gen prophetic voices and a leader in our International Young Prophets and I both feel that there is something special that God is doing in Southern California, especially the Los Angeles area. During our roundtable in the Anaheim area, we had Charlie send in a video sharing what he felt like God was saying. Click here to read his prophetic word. Also, I felt like God had raised up a great among of next-gen prophets that, if they would come together in heart and unity, they could prophetically shift California, in the Spirit, into God's ultimate plan for California, especially Southern California. Through the years, pastors, intercessors and prophets have prayed, decreed and believed God for the Los Angeles area, and we are in a day when we will see things start to shift and the true mantle for LA will shine like a city set on a hill.

After our roundtable, we had a conference called The Prophetic Mantle. During the first service, the glory of God came in so strong that it overtook me, and those in attendance were on their faces. We went into "I Need You More," and the glory kept increasing. As Charlie said in his word, there is a greater glory that will visit the LA area. I felt it, and so many of us experienced it that whole weekend during the conference. The glory has a purpose, so many churches will start experiencing more of the glory. I am so expectant for LA.

Here are some things I feel we will see happen when the land begins to heal: Families will be reunited; dishonor in our generation will not be tolerated and honor will praised again; crime will start to dissipate; generational pain and anger will heal; hearts will be restored and every area of society will be convicted and bent towards righteousness. When the land heals, it is like a domino effect in our lives, families and country.

As we gathered to pray and strategize, we do know that this can't happen in one gathering, so we plan on meeting each year. We partner with each other as a "company of young prophets," but know our ultimate partnership is with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can help us "heal our land" and transform the nations.

Elizabeth Tiam-Fook is the founder of the International Young Prophets, an apostolic ministry that is called to serve the "office of the next-generation prophet." She believes God is raising up a company of young prophets to impact the nations of the world with the voice of God. Tiam-Fook graduated from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in Pensacola, Florida, with a heart to serve the nations. She is ordained by Christian International and under the leadership of Tom and Jane Hamon. You can contact her at

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