Why You Should Stir Up Your Prophetic Gift Today

God wants you to stir up what is already inside you. (Photo by Rainier Ridao on Unsplash)

Prophetic churches want to activate people. Based on firsthand experience, prophetic activations work!

The foundation for this is 2 Timothy 1:6. Paul wrote the following to Timothy: "Therefore I remind you to stir up the gift of God, which is in you by the laying on of my hands."

Here, the apostle Paul was admonishing his spiritual son, Timothy, to stir up or activate the gift of God that was given him by the laying on of his spiritual father's hands. Notice that Paul didn't ask Timothy to ask the Lord to shake up the gift. He told Timothy to do this himself. He basically wanted Timothy to stir up what was already inside of him.

Father God still wants us to do the same today. In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, activation means to make active or more active. When someone is activated prophetically, the gift within them is stirred up. When one gift is activated, other gifts might be shaken, moved and stirred as a result. This means that as one present is unwrapped, other gifts around it seem to be unwrapped as well.

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No Longer a Spectator Sport

In some of my prophetic activation services, the healing gifts manifested as prophetic gifts were stirred up. I receive testimony after testimony concerning the validity of said trainings, which convinces me even further how much they are needed across the body of Christ.

The time of church as just a spectator sport is over. The time for just listening to a message and going home after church is over. We must be active participants in shaping our gifts and ministries. We need to be stirred to action, as opposed to apathetic, when it comes to our God-given mandates. This is what prophetic activations do.

Demons May Manifest

Recently, I experienced something that I'd never seen before during a prophetic activation—two individuals began manifesting demons. We were in the middle of the service, and two people began crying out. Our deliverance team immediately ministered to them, and they were set free. I believe that this happened due to the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit within the room.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, the enemy will manifest. Whenever your gift is activated, the devil will start to chime in. He will begin to attack due to the fear that he experiences when your gifts are stirred up. The enemy literally and figuratively bears witness to your future. He knows that when your gifts are activated, you become a major threat to his kingdom.

Most of the prophets and prophetic people whom I know experienced severe complications at birth. These similar occurrences among seers led me to the conclusion that Satan attempts to prevent God's oracles from seeing by killing them before they mature. In my own life, Lucifer laid many traps meant to cause my demise, but God wouldn't allow them to succeed. He protected me each and every time. Hallelujah!

Activation Prayer for Prophetic People

Father God, I pray that every believer will realize their full prophetic potential while they are yet in the realm of the living. They will actualize the gifts that reside in each and every one of them. They will come into full knowledge that prophecy is the divine right of every single Holy-Ghost-filled believer. From all over the world, they will be stirred up to speak what "thus saith the Lord!" And from out of these individuals will come words from God that will change the course of neighborhoods, cities, states and countries!

Fear will no longer clamp their mouths shut. In fact, fear will cause them to cry louder and spare not. I pray that boldness will come upon your prophetic soldiers and that they will say what you say without compromise. Father, allow their spiritual hearing to be sharper, their vision keener and their discernment clearer. I come against the spirit of error. I pray that consistent fallacy will not be found among them, but that they will walk in authenticity, accuracy and exactness. Lord, I petition you to sound the alarm of confessions, prayers and prophetic words within your prophetic people!

Give them a mindset to be trained, activated and educated in the realm of the prophetic. We come against the spirit of arrogance that seeks to dilute spiritual understanding with the satisfaction of the flesh. Let not the carnal mind overtake the spirit of prophecy that lives inside every believer. As Jesus Christ abides in the body of every Holy Spirit-filled person, so resides the spirit of prophecy.

Let the Spirit of Christ empower prophetic people in this hour. Push them, oh God, to greater dimensions in you and allow them platforms to speak your word! Father God, I pray that they will emerge as never before, having the spirit of Micaiah to speak the truth regardless of the consequences and without fear. I pray all this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. John S. Veal is the senior pastor/prophet of Enduring Faith Christian Center and the CEO of John Veal Ministries. Dr. Veal is a highly sought-after conference speaker due to his uncanny prophetic accuracy, humor, candor and unconventional preaching style. He has traveled the nations, presenting a plethora of prophetic trainings and ministry. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Elisa, and their three children.

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