Prophecy: We Must Prepare for The Bridegroom Now


The Lord is calling out to His church, preparing us for what He has planned. Now is the time to listen to what He is saying so you do not miss the work He desires to do in every one of us.

We are in a time where the Lord is refining, purifying and building up the body of Christ to prepare our hearts for what He is doing. The Lord spoke to me and gave me this prophetic word to share with His people. I share these words with all humility and desire to stay true to what He has shown me.

I hope that we will all humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, and allow the Lord to perform the beautiful and painful work of refining us by fire. He truly desires a bride that is pure and blameless. God did not show me a timeframe of when these things will occur, but I felt a sense in my spirit that this was already in motion.

Purity is necessary, and righteousness matters. The Lord is sending a refiner's fire to the body of Christ and leaders. He is cleaning out the cobwebs of every heart, that nothing may prevent His fullness from residing inside of us. God is confronting the hidden places of the heart, opposing the proud, and desiring to manifest His glory within us in a place that is comfortable to Him. He is revealing every motivation of the heart. He will not put up with anything contrary to His nature and His will.

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Leaders, we cannot say one thing to the Lord in the secret place and do another by our actions outwardly. For many, our words have become meaningless to the Lord. They are spoken and empty, without action or intent to act upon them when the Lord has so graced us with His visitations.

We are without a desire to steward the seeds He placed inside of us to establish a work of discipleship in the body of Christ. We are swayed by the wind of what the itching ears of what people want to hear, by the demons of media-driven seducing spirits, by the doctrines of demons that want to control our carefully crafted plans to leave us without protection, without power, and without blessing.

These same demons happily hunker down in our church services, our vision planning meetings and our small groups, stealing the word from people's hearts before it has a chance to grow and manifest. Why? Because we allow them to stay. They are not intimidated in the slightest by our powerless presentations, as the holy angels of God sit idly by bored and hopeful that we would put them into motion to drive back the forces of darkness.

But, follower of Jesus, child of God, co-heir with Christ, believer, before you say Amen, and point the finger to a leader or pastor in your life—we have become a stench in the nostrils of our God by enabling the same demons to hunker down in our families. We have allowed them to run around rampantly, seducing at will, agreeing with the spirit of the age, and allowing the filthy and putrid disgust of the enemy to steal away our hearts from the one true God! Repent! We have not led our families and have not equipped them through His Word.

Leaders, long ago when the Lord first called you, you were so eager, so loving to Him. He was truly your only desire! Now the enemy has stolen that precious seed of intimacy from your heart. God has desired to fill you with holy desire, one desire, for Him, and Him alone. Somewhere along the way, it has been lost. Repent, remember your first love.

He has provided for all of, His fullness to come out, through the five-fold leaders He has established, and yet so often we tear down what He has established, by bickering amongst ourselves. How wicked and perverse are we to think we have a better way than the one who created all. We must repent. We must speak life and thank God Almighty for our brothers and sisters, who after all, are the bride of Christ with us, and we with them. We must not tolerate the poison of our tongues, which becomes the deadly spark that has set the world on fire. We did this, and we must cry for mercy. Our present state in this world is the fruit of our labor.

We, as believers, are under a curse for abstaining and refusing to honor the Lord through our tithes and offerings. He has arranged for His children to reap a hundredfold return in the land during a time of famine. So many have negated His perfect plan by hoarding, holding and selling themselves to the systems of this world. We have thought our way was better than God's.

We have allowed our fear to insert itself in obstruction of God, the provider. We have willingly removed ourselves from blessing and placed ourselves under a curse. The Lord has said, "Give and it will be given unto you..." His wealth is infinite, and He has desired to abundantly pour open the windows of heaven over you. He has desired to fund the work of the Gospel through you.

In your desire to be rich to build your kingdom, the advancement of His kingdom has suffered. Stop looking to the left and the right at the latest growth scheme. Do what He has told you to do. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see Jesus? That was God's intent.

The Lord is pleased with those who have been faithful and diligently seeking Him. In part two of this Word, I will share what the Lord spoke to me regarding what is to come in our nation.

Listen to this episode of Awaken the Wonder with Evangelist Caleb Wampler titled Prophetic Word for America.

Evangelist Caleb Wampler is founder and CEO of Kingdom Encounters International. He has seen hundreds of thousands of people come to Jesus in countries that are hostile to the gospel, witnessed incredible miracles and regularly experiences God's wonder.

For more information on Evangelist Caleb Wampler, check out his ministry site at: Stay connected through Evangelist Caleb's social media on Facebook: and on YouTube:

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