Prayer for the Prophetic Unlocks Women: The Kingdom Within, the Kingdom Without


God has given women more power and authority than we fully understand. A woman's body is a powerful praying vessel. God created Eve in a special way, taking His time to make her. He carefully designed Eve instead of forming her as He did Adam. In all of creation, the woman's body is the only one that can bring forth human life, bringing the spirit into the natural realm.

Everything is first created in the spirit before manifesting in the natural realm, and prayer is the key which gives God legal right to fulfill His promises in the earth. God cannot go against His own laws and principles because He never changes and is just. He cannot and will not go against our free will. This is why we must grant this fulfillment through our words, prayers and petitions.


According to Christian Bible Reference, the word "pray" is listed 121 times in the New International Version. For women across the world tuned into the things of God, we have learned that prayer takes many forms—collectively, individually, spiritually and physically. However, the most important key is that prayer unlocks you. This is the primary reason God calls you to prayer. It unlocks your identity in Christ and your authority in the earth. The more you pray, the more God will continue to reveal to you His plans and purpose for your life. However, you must commit to a life of hearing God's voice and trusting His ways. Like a soldier in battle, or a child on a busy playground, it serves you best to take heed to the words of trusted superiors and parents. God is both superior and parent, for you are servant and child of the Most High all at once. In prayer, the Lord gives you instruction and direction for life. It's up to you whether you will heed the words of the Father or allow your rebellious nature to wander. Free will is powerful, but it can be dangerous if you do not submit it to the grace and love of God, the one who created your blueprint.

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The prophetic—as with the prophets of old, such as Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha and Deborah—is where you have the ability to speak the heart and will of God through revelation. This is a necessity if you want to bring true reformation in the physical realm by bringing down the spirit to earth. Like prophets of old, you cannot be afraid to speak the truth. Even if they were afraid, they could not run away for long. Eventually the voice of the Lord would come upon them, such as the case of Jonah and his oracle over the city of Nineveh. The way of the prophetic is a lifestyle. Some are called to the office itself, which has more demands on the journey, while we all have the gift to speak the will of God and prophecy as His children.

Prayer and the Prophetic

Both powerful practices quicken, and at times accelerate, the will of God on the earth and in our hearts. Speaking "let your will be done" allows both prayer and the prophetic to flow as you give the Creator permission to show you the true way of life. In order to do this, you must let go. Let go of what you thought would, could or should be possible. Let go of the direction, reception, presentation and the presenter because God's ways are not our ways (Isa. 55:8). When you pray and release the prophetic by allowing the Holy Spirit to freely flow through you, unfiltered, in truth and love, things will never be the same. What you prayed for will begin to come, not just in your imagination but in God-sized packaging. God still moves mountains. He created the stars and the sea, the moon and the sky, the earth and the sun. Nothing is too big for Him, and nothing is impossible for God (Matt. 19:26). God is that good. He is that big. He is loving to bless and keep His children.

Release past notions of what you think is possible, who you are and what God is doing in the earth. Allow Him to lead you into new paths, if necessary, to unlock what He wants to do through you and those around you. Praying unlocks the prophetic because you are legally giving God access to the physical realm to fulfill His will in the earth. With Adam and Eve, God gave them all dominion and power to care and nurture creation and thrive in the garden. We know the story of deception in Eden. As the enemy of our souls, Satan, came in and twisted truth, as he does today. Christ came to give you back all authority when He took back the keys to earth's blueprints, for "I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David; what he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open" (Isa. 22:22).

As a woman—and a woman of color—it is empowering and freeing to know I am worthy and seen by the living God. My words matter. My heart's desires matter. He wants to use this vessel, this body that has been broken and abused throughout time. The enemy hates this and has tried to stop at nothing to delay and destroy women from this very hour. It is to this high calling that the apostle Paul talks about in Philippians 3:14 to which we suffer at times, sometimes daily. Yet these seasons of suffering shall elevate you into the glorious gifts and abundant life that God has planned for those who love Him. Prayer is the key. Prophetic is the way. Speak using God's words from the throne of heaven and the pages of a book that has outlasted any other. This is our sword. This is our defense. Pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17), and allow God to release and unlock the fire within you.

And remember, prayer coupled with fasting, as led by the Holy Spirit, is also a powerful tool to shift the atmosphere and the world.

Simone Victoria Swaby, M.Ed., M.Div., MBA, was born in Jamaica, West Indies, to a family of farmers. She grew up in Queens, New York, and currently resides in Virginia. She is a mother of two, Luke and Cora, as well as a prophet, prophetic intercessor and writer. Connect with Simone on YouTube and Instagram or via email at

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