Why Afghanistan Reveals the Imminence of Ezekiel 38


The events in Afghanistan represent a major turning point in prophecy. Ezekiel 38 is imminent! Many Bible prophecy commentators have a variety of views regarding how this will play out. My rule is to use the Bible and world history to determine what God tells us.

To do a thoughtful analysis, we need to understand five issues. Issue one, who are the Ishmaelites? Why is it important to know? The rivalry in the Middle East is a 4,000-year-old battle between the two sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac. Issue two, the 3,000-year-old imprecatory prayer by Asaph in Psalm 83, asking God to destroy the Ishmaelites for His glory at some time in the future. Issue three, the 2,500-year-old answer God provides to Asaph's prayer, indicating how He will soon deal with the Ishmaelites in Ezekiel 38:1-39:16.

Issue four, prior to Ezekiel 38, we are told that some radical Islamic neighbors with Israel will become emboldened. Along with this, we will see major powerful countries on earth become weak and timid. These major powers will not be interested in protecting Israel. Issue five, we need to understand that both Ezekiel 38 and the tribulation are still future events. Preterists today tells us that these issues already occurred around A.D. 70 at the destruction of the second temple; Nero was the Antichrist and all the Revelation issues have already been completed. Finally, the book of Revelation was written around A.D. 65.

On this last issue, No. 5, we need to look at the documented history of Roman emperors around A.D. 70. Nero committed suicide in A.D. 68, but Revelation does not say the Antichrist commits suicide. From A.D. 54 to 96, in a short 42 years, Rome had seven "emperors." Of the seven, there is only one who could possibly have placed John on Patmos; he came into power in A.D. 81. The multiple reasons for this realization are compelling.

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I just completed a three-episode podcast series covering all these issues called Afghanistan, Islam, Ezekiel 38 Imminent! They are episodes 33-35. The entire story is amazing.

Finally, God tells us we are blessed to be living at this moment in history in Matthew 13:16-17 (NASB):

"But blessed are your eyes, because they see; and your ears, because they hear. For truly I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it."

We are blessed and have nothing to fear, for God is in full control!

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