WWIII: EMP Attack? No!: Jesus Steals a "False Peace" When He Comes Back!


There are many concepts expressed today regarding what is coming in the last days. I am surprised at how many believers easily accept the idea that Jesus is going to allow WWIII or an EMP attack to happen before He returns. Biblically, this is not possible but how can we know this?

The title of my podcast is 24 END TIME PROPHECIES for a reason. God, in His 24 prophecies, shares with us His full story for the last days. He explains what He is doing and what to expect; this is for our comfort and encouragement. Twelve of the 24 prophecies have been completed; 12 more will start at any moment and will be completed rapidly. They are sequential and all of them have purpose in God's plans to bring Israel to the knowledge that Jesus is their Messiah; the purpose for the 7-year Tribulation. I share this 24-prophecy story with you in episode #50 ... IT IS INCREDIBLE! When we understand what God is doing, it removes all fear and trepidation. The Lord clearly explains everything we are seeing happening today. What I have learned and desire to share with you has filled my life with peace and joy. We know through God's Word what is coming. When prophecy 24 arrives, "this single day" will be THE MOST SPECTACULAR DAY IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY!

In Luke 17:26-36, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-6 and Isaiah 61:2 (per episodes#1 AND #51), God shares with us how the world will be in a secular, decadent, false peace when Jesus arrives in the clouds with His shout and the voice of the archangel. We learn that the shout by Jesus is not the rapture; He announces the arrival of the Tribulation! The archangel, moments later, calls believers up in the rapture to save us from what is coming upon the world. I provide strong, biblical support for this statement. Unless the Christian community understands this, fears and false interpretations of the Bible will become rampant and the body of Christ will suffer needlessly. God says in John 14:29 that He tells us before things happens so that when they happen, we may believe. This is precisely why God graciously gave us His specific 24 end time prophecies! You want peace? Check out episodes #1, #50 AND #51; you might be glad you did!

We are "blessed" to be living within the most exciting time in world history; God is amazing!

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I offer two books on God's 24 End Time Prophecies if you might like to know more on this subject. Please visit us at reveretodayministries.org. I offer my textbook Stunned and my historical novel The Pastor of the Last Days. The novel is a short, exciting read; the last chapter will give you goosebumps!

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