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The Shemitah's Eerie Mystery of the Sevens

The Shemitah is a fascinating phenomenon we're currently embroiled in. Discover how this prophetic occurrence has been supernaturally tied to the rise and fall of the greatest financial disasters in American history.

Jonathan Cahn

WATCH: The Mystery of the Alpha Stone

Jonathan Cahn offers an incredible teaching on the prophetic ties between beginnings and endings in the Old Testament, the New Testament and today. Watch and be filled!

The Final Sign of the Messiah's Return

The union of Jew and Gentile—both spiritual and physical—affects the future of Israel and every believer. Find out why, and how it might be almost here.

Jonathan Cahn

The Shemitah, Financial Collapse, and You

As we enter the next Shemitah year, discover this supernatural phenomenon for yourself and what it could mean for your family, for America and for the world.

Apocalyptic Prophecy Fulfilled in the Sky?

Scripture prophesies the sun becoming dark and the moon appearing as blood before the great and terrible Day of the Lord. Could the unique clustering of solar and lunar eclipses in this coming year bear apocalyptic significance?


The Mystery of the Shemitah Revealed

The new bestseller from Jonathan Cahn introduced "Shemitah" to millions of Americans' vocabularies. But what does the word really mean, and why is it so important right now?


Steve Hill: Time Is No Longer on Our Side

As the last seconds upon the clock begin to tick away, our churches do not need to be called to slumber but to action. The late Steve Hill reminds us it is time to pay close attention to the voice of God.

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