Prophetic Vision: Prepare for Atomic Revival

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In my recent travels, I have seen a wave of God washing over His people. We have been experiencing the same within our church, and the outpouring has been increasing.

During a church service I was visiting, one of their team members shared about an encounter with an angel. The angel was heavily armed with a full coat of armor. He was there to protect the river of God's outpouring.

While they were sharing about their encounter with the angel, God gave me a vision of atoms flying through the air. I watched as I saw "revival atoms" being released. Each atom represented a part of the body of Christ coming together to worship God.

Suddenly, I saw the atoms unite, creating this "atomic revival!" Then, I saw God's explosive power released as we united as one across the globe.

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This outpouring of God is like no other before. The source of the outpouring flows from the river of God, through the unity of His people. The word "atom" is Greek, meaning indivisible.

We are moving in unprecedented times of indivisible unity as the body of Christ. As His people gather, there is intimacy, oneness, holiness and a tangible manifestation of God's presence.

This move of God creating this "atomic revival" is amazing to participate in because it is ever-changing. There is a uniqueness that is happening when we gather together. It's not the same as it was the Thursday before or the previous Sunday or last month's gathering; God is manifesting differently every time.

God is training us to move at the moment He is moving. Instead of looking for what we are familiar with, we are to look at what God is doing.

We need to learn to have a heightened sensitivity to God's presence and what He is doing.

We are to become sensitive to His touch, so when that first breath comes across us, there is a quickening of our spirit to adjust to His move.

God is everywhere with us. He wants us to discern His presence.

This outpouring is a training season for us. Because as we are trained inside the body to move with Him, we are also prepared to release (what we have learned) when we go outside.

God is calling His body to gather. He wants us to build unity, joining atoms together for the atomic revival power.

I want to encourage you to participate in these gatherings in whatever way you can. And if at all possible, join in, in-person.

In closing, let's decree together:

—I have been chosen for this atomic revival.

—I am in unity with the body of Christ.

—I am sensitive to the breath of God.

—I move with Him.

—I am ready to go out and release God's power.

—God positioned me where I am needed.

Cindy Stewart has a passion for people and helping them connect to their life purpose, discover their passions and live their dreams. Cindy's latest book, God's Dream for Your Life, brings clarity to your purpose while unlocking vision of what is possible in the natural and the supernatural. She is an itinerant speaker, an executive coach and hosts a weekly podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. Along with her husband, Chuck, they lead The Gathering Apostolic Center in Tarpon Springs, FL.

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