Why the Church Condones Homosexuality in the Pulpit

Don't believe the lies. Once gay, not always gay!

A few years ago I had a dream in which I saw Christian people watching a group of men singing on a platform. The people in the church seemed to be spellbound. They were so mesmerized by the musical talents of these men that they didn't realize evil spirits were controlling the performers.

Then, in my dream, someone shouted from the back of the crowd: "These guys are punks!" But no one responded to the voice. It was as if nothing was said. Yet the voice called it like it was.

Shortly after I had this dream, the newspapers began to run reports about the child molestation scandal in the Roman Catholic Church. A few months later we began to hear nonstop discussion about same-sex marriages. It's a hot topic in the church and in the world.

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I have recently learned that leaders of major Christian ministries openly condone same-sex marriages and yet their pews remain packed. Meanwhile some mainline denominations are ordaining active homosexuals as bishops.

What is happening to us? The church has been mesmerized!

The voice in my dream called out and said: "These are punks!" (In some circles the term "punk" refers to an effeminate man.) The problem in the church today is that we fear offending people. But if we are going to deal with this demon we will have to offend.

Before I became a Christian I had a lot of homosexual friends. I was not gay but I loved these guys. They were my baby sitters, neighbors and friends. My dad had bars in the city where he staged what we called "sissy shows"--which were platforms for female impersonators.

I loved these performers and referred to them affectionately as "my sissies." The term "sissy" may be offensive to some people, but according to the dictionary it is another word for an effeminate man.

Has anybody out there noticed that there are some effeminate men in the church? Some of them are on the platform, singing and receiving applause. And while some of them are infiltrating the church with a gay agenda, others are yearning to be free from sexual bondage--yet no one is offering them deliverance.

It is time to confront the issue!

First Corinthians 6:9 says an effeminate man will not inherit the Kingdom of God. I have a relative who is a male prostitute and a street junkie. I am praying for his deliverance from drugs and homosexuality. But I am also praying that my brothers and sisters who sit in church pews every Sunday (and who preach from pulpits) will be delivered first.

My relative on the street does not stand a chance if church folks don't get delivered. When he gets saved, he needs to meet Christians who believe God can heal homosexuals.

Many people have criticized Oklahoma pastor Carlton Pearson for promoting the homosexual agenda. While I disagree with him completely, at least I know where he stands.

Meanwhile there are other leaders in the church who are quietly compromising on this issue. This is more dangerous!

It is time for the line to be drawn so that we can know where everybody stands. It is time for the sissies to get off the church stage.

A real man or woman of God could not be content living a gay lifestyle. They definitely would not support same-sex marriages or perform them.

The demon behind the homosexual agenda is cloaked by a religious spirit. Many church leaders today who lack discernment have opened their churches to the influence of familiar spirits operating in talented people--some of whom are quite popular today. But we cannot let fear or intimidation stop us from preaching the truth.

The Bible is clear. Romans 1:26 says homosexual perversion comes up against the "course of nature." The word "nature" in the Greek is phusis, and it implies an attack on the original plan of God.

The homosexual spirit is an antichrist spirit. In fact some people believe the Antichrist will be gay because Daniel 11:37 says he will "show no regard ... for the desire of women."

It is time for an official altar call. Let's tell it like it is. Let's trumpet the truth that Jesus can heal the homosexual.

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