5 Primary Ways You Can Give God Glory in This Life


We were created to give God glory. Some have the wrong impression that to give God glory is to live passively and unproductively in this world, and then say, "To God be the glory." One of the primary ways we can give glory in this life is by bearing fruit. Bearing fruit is to produce results. God wants us to produce fruit; in fact, the more fruit, the better.

"By this is My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit" (John 15:8).

Seven times, John 15 speaks of "bearing fruit." We cannot bear fruit by ourselves (v. 4). However, if we are spiritually connected to Yeshua (Jesus), we can bear fruit, and much fruit (v. 5). When we are bearing fruit, God trims our lifestyles, schedules and habits, so we can be even more effective (v. 2). We are destined to bear eternal fruit (v. 16).

Bearing fruit is not frantic activity and "workaholism." Rather it is adjusting and evaluating our lives to see if what we are doing will have eternal importance. I constantly pray this prayer: that my life would bear much fruit for His kingdom. One day we will all stand before Him to give account of our lives. I do not want my hands to be empty on that day. Here are five ways to bear fruit.

1. Prayer

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In prayer, you can be anywhere in the world in a moment of time. This method is so efficient that Yeshua has been practicing it for 2,000 years (Rom. 8:34, Heb. 7:25). Prayer can change governments and political situations. Prayer can bind evil spirits and even cause division in satanic forces. Prayer can remove the blindness from people to receive the gospel. Prayer invites God's presence into an area. It marshals the spiritual power to bring God's will to earth. Intercession changes lives.

2. Words/Evangelism

Yeshua Himself was a teacher. Our words are seeds that affect the world around us (Mark 4, Matthew 13). Some may have a worldwide preaching-teaching ministry on CDs and DVDs. Others may say one word of encouragement to a coworker on the job site. Whatever we say should be edifying (Eph. 4:29). We can share the gospel with a friend over a cup of coffee or we can pass out tracts on the street. How we speak to those at home, at work, at the congregation all has effect for eternity.

3. Children/Disciples

Our children are our fruit (Ps. 128). Our children are both physical and spiritual. (For instance, Abraham had 318 spiritual children in addition to his eight physical children: Gen. 14:14,18:19.) One single mother training her child in the way of the Lord has the potential to produce more fruit than a pastor of a big church. We can multiply ourselves through others as disciples. Yeshua had 12 disciples in an inner circle, and then another 70 in an outer circle. There are disciples closer to us, and those further from us.

4. Finances

Giving money is a tremendously effective way to bear fruit. I once jokingly told a dear friend who is our biggest financial supporter that I was angry at him. When he asked why, I told him that I work day and night to produce fruit for the kingdom, and with one check once a month, he will get equal reward with me in the kingdom. We seek to give "hard." We give purposely, strategically, aggressively—in personal evangelism, congregational planting, needy Israeli believers, ministry to Palestinians, children's ministry and third world missions. Our money produces fruit in areas that we ourselves can't get to.

5. Personal Example

The Bible calls this "fruit" of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23). We bear fruit by living in love, integrity and patience, demonstrating the character of Yeshua in our daily lives. Our marriages, our lifestyle, our personal trustworthiness, our loyalty in relationships, our response to problems—all affect those living around us. We take up our cross every day. We meditate on the Word. Our thoughts are transformed to purity and faith. As we die to selfishness, our seed falls into the ground and bears much fruit (John 12:24).

Dan Juster is the director of Tikkun Ministries International, a Messianic Jewish ministry. He is an author and has been in Messianic Jewish ministry since 1972.

This article originally appeared at tikkun.tv.

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