Why You Must Resist the Flesh if You Want to Taste God's Glory

Daily ask God how you can put down your fleshly desires. (StockSnap/Pixabay.com)

By the same Spirit of the Lord, we are changing from glory to glory. We need the power to become the sons of God, and He said that He gave us the power to become it.

Wherever Jesus went, because of His anointing gifts and His truth, people noticed Him. I do not want people to look at me, but to pay attention to Him inside of me.

God wants us to partake of His divine nature. God sanctifies the altar. We are His living sacrifice. Let it burn on the altar. We are the sanctified vessels. He wants His church to be permeated with His presence and glory. We are the sacrifice. Now we become one with the altar of God. He said we are now the temple of God.

He commanded light to shine into our hearts. We have this treasure in earthly vessels, being troubled on every side. Always bearing the dying of Jesus in our body so His life can be manifested in our body.

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Our inward man must be made strong every day. We must feed this new creation within. The more you put the flesh unto submission to His spirit within, the more glory you will see coming out from within. If you have no cross, you will have no glory. Purge out the old leaven and be renewed in sincerity and truth.

One thing is to know what He did for us. Another thing is to be partakers with what He did and be transformed.

But we keep looking at our mistakes and focusing on our flesh. And, we are focused on who we used to be. If we focus on Him, we already are being changed.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, not on fear, not on what is to come and not even on your flesh. Focus on the Spirit, not on the natural.

We can't see God's power. You can see the manifestation of His power. His power is there all the time, but only when He moves or does it, then you see it. When God is moving, more power can generate from Him moving, but it's there.

You must believe the Word of God. He said the same power that raised Christ dwells in us who are born again. Jesus did not carry the glory of God in an unjust way like those who were carrying the ark of the covenant. He knew how to handle it. We must learn from Him. When people are around the glory, they are around God. Because God is the glory! He desires to glorify us so that He can have more glory. Look at John 17, straight from His lips.

When God is fire, and we are vessels all around, do they burn up and turn into nothing or are they being purified? The house of God is a house from heaven, and it will be able to endure the fire because it is clothed with righteousness and in Christ. Are you in church or in Christ? When we are walking in the Spirit, we are walking with God. Our flesh must follow the Spirit within us.

We must be absent from any type of glory that comes from our works. We keep our eyes on the natural and that will blind us. But if we keep our eyes on the Spirit, that will bring us all life.

Religion wants unity in the flesh. Just like in politics, some Christians are constituents. They all agree on Jesus, but there is division. They walk together, but there is disunity in the Spirit. There was a time when we knew Christ in the flesh, but now we know Him no more after the flesh. We know Him by the Spirit. So, we must walk in Him, and if we walk in Him, we walk in the Spirit. He is spirit.

Religion and the old man think in the old ways. But the Bible says, "Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things have passed away. Look, all things have become new" (2 Cor. 5:17). If you submit to the Spirit, there will not be resistance. Your body follows the direction of the Spirit when you are deep in Christ. You do things without even knowing you are being led. By the Spirit, there is a resting place. When we don't walk in the flesh, this means we are walking in Him.

We are one with God. Just like Jesus was one with Him. We are an ambassador for Christ. We are representing Christ everywhere we go.

When you are an ambassador in another land, the laws of the land can't touch you. Just like it is in the natural, it is in the spiritual realm. The laws of the earth should not touch the ambassadors of the kingdom of God.

We have so many believers representing two kingdoms. We cannot be ambassadors of two different places. Religion makes us double-minded. When we are double-minded, we live in fear. But if you get the understanding and revelation that this is not your home, you will start to look at what you have in Him.

It is not what we do for Him that pleases Him. Instead, knowing that we can do nothing without Him pleases Him.

Now is the time for us all to put on the new creation: Christ. We are partakers of this newness. We are His heirs, and if His heirs, we are in union and communion with His glory.

You don't have to go anywhere to find God. He is right here. He is everywhere. He doesn't just dwell in buildings. He is even in the darkest places, saving souls.

In Him we live, we move and we have our being. We are His offspring. A new creation. Born from above.

Those who are born again will know those who are born again. Many think that they are born again, but later on, they find out that they were not. But those who are really born again know those who are and those who are not. People who are not born again come against revelation and truth and only believe what the carnal mind can understand; in that, they live in fear.

It is impossible to become one with the flesh. We are one in the Spirit. But because of religion, many are told they are of the spirit. but they are not. They will only know when they are truly converted. It is not an outward trying, but it an inward working only seen by the Spirit.

The assembly of the saints is needed more than ever. A group of people born again, submitting themselves, watching over one another until that new creation is fully fulfilled. It is a 24/7 daily devotion, not just five minutes in the book of your laws.

Religion always wants God in parts and wants to give God just parts: part of your week, part of your day, part of your heart. God wants it all.

It is not about religious events. Every day is a day of salvation and deliverance. Feast on Him all day long.

Do this: "Eat His flesh" daily. We need to look at the true identity, the new creation that we have in Him. It is us in Christ.

Put on this new creation, today. Old things have passed away:

  • A new creation does not submit to the old creation.
  • A new creation does not look like an old creation.
  • A new creation is not bound by the letter but is free in the Spirit.
  • A new creation does not observe the days, months or years. A new creation looks to eternity.
  • A new creation worships the Creator.
  • A new creation is not under the law but in Him who fulfilled it all.
  • A new creation does not observe the Sabbath. A new creation lives in Him—our rest—our Sabbath.
  • A new creation cannot be restrained by the doctrines of man.
  • A new creation cannot be put under the power of the commandments of man but is led by the Spirit of God.

Don't find yourself naked. Put on Christ. He is the full manifestation of the new person God intended for you to be, but only in Him will you be able to manifest Him. Don't manifest a religious zealot full of fear and condemnation. but a vessel of glory and honor.

Put on the new man and let the old one pass away. What God wants is for us to be like Christ—the perfect mirror image of Him. This is how His church, His bride, should appear—like a new creation in Christ.

Put on Christ. Make no provision for your flesh.

Shane W. Roessiger is founder of H.O.T. House of Truth USA and Brazil. He has brought apostolic order and the power of the gospel to many nations. For more truth and his free books, go to hothouseoftruth.com.

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