How to Disrupt Satan's Plans to Put You on Hold

Take action to help others while waiting for your breakthrough. (Photo by Rose Erkul on Unsplash)

For those of you who have been wrestling with some issues for a long time, wondering when relief will come:

The enemy is using your painful circumstances and your waiting for a breakthrough to keep you on hold. As you have called heaven for divine intervention, the enemy would like nothing better than to keep you waiting on the line and distract you from those things that you are called to do in the midst of the wait.

Your heart is being tied up with unanswered questions and unresolved issues and you have thought that by simply waiting and hoping, something will shift. The enemy has put you on hold and tried to keep you on the line of indecision and inactivity. Be aware! The enemy is using the wait as bait.

Many are facing challenging situations and painful issues that seem to be taking a long time to get resolved, thus keeping them in a holding pattern, emotionally and spiritually. In many cases, there's nothing left to do; you have done all you can and now you are simply hoping for the breakthrough.

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But in the midst of this inner unrest, not only is the enemy trying to rob your family and loved ones of breakthrough, he is trying to immobilize you. Knowing how the unresolved issues bind up your heart and spirit, his goal is to keep you on hold for as long as possible to deactivate your faith. Don't let him! Take him by surprise and determine to follow through on those God-assignments you've been holding off on. Don't wait for that supposed "better time" that you think will make everything easier. Don't wait until "things settle down" because that time will never come.

The enemy's purpose is to continually stir things up in your life to keep you distracted and trapped up in the valley of the unknown. But you do not have to feel helpless or without choice. You can do something.

I have written recently about those who are in the wilderness of waiting and the joy that comes to those who come out on the other side. However, even in the wait, you can take action. You are not helpless, and you do have a choice. You can put your faith in action and determine to press forward as a dread champion. This is what the enemy fears! He has been hoping that your preoccupation with your personal pain, your loved ones and your problems will keep you on hold spiritually. The best thing some of you can do right now as you are waiting for breakthrough is to take action. More specifically, take action in the very area where you are waiting for breakthrough.

For parents who are praying for sons and daughters who are wandering or spiritually lost, you may feel helpless to do anything for your own child, but you can help someone else's. Speak into another son's life or encourage another daughter. Mentor the sons and daughters right in front of you, wanting your help. As you encourage them and give out of your own need, you will be sowing something powerful in the spirit to turn the tide for all wandering prodigals.

For those waiting for physical healing and breakthroughs in health, determine to pray for others who are sick. Your spiritual authority in prayer is not determined by your own physical condition, but by your faith in God. Your breakthrough may actually come as you pray for others and demonstrate the power of faith in action. Defeat the devil at his own game and see God work miracles for others through your prayers, even as you wait for your own.

For those waiting for financial breakthrough and holding off on plans for their future due to lack, start giving of time and talents to help others succeed. Instead of worrying about where your own provision will come from, become a vessel of service to others and watch what the Lord does through your sacrifice of giving. Your concern for others and willingness to give what you have is a powerful weapon in the Spirit to break spirits of poverty and lack.

For those waiting on a God-dream to be realized, choose to bless others who are reaching their goals and finding success. In the midst of your own discouragement and doubt, celebrate and champion those who are gaining favor and access to their future. As you express your joy in seeing others succeed, your trust in God will become supernaturally charged and your own faith will come alive on another level.

In whatever area you are facing that seems to be putting your life on hold, your biggest weapon for breakthrough is to take action. Pray, yes; but even as you wait for the answer you long for, don't let the devil immobilize you and keep you from following through in other areas.

The reason for this divine strategy is to help us realize that we are in this fight together. We are not alone. There are certain supernatural realities that can only be realized when we do them together. As each of us determines to shift our focus from our own pain and lack in order to help one another, something powerful happens in the Spirit. When we begin to function like a spiritual family where each one helps the other, something shifts in the Spirit, and we begin to pull on heaven for miraculous results.

"So, fight with faith for the winner's prize! Lay your hands upon eternal life, for this is your calling—celebrating in faith before the multitude of witnesses!" (1 Tim. 6:12, TPT).

Our faith in God is not just individual, but corporate. Many are facing similar challenges in this hour. There's a reason! We are in the midst of a corporate breakthrough that is going to unleash a moving of God's spirit like never before.

The enemy greatly fears this and is trying to put us all on hold so that we can't reach our full potential. Thankfully, we don't have to bite that apple. We don't have to listen to the whispers of "just hold on" when we can do something better. We can choose to trust God with our own situation and exercise our faith on behalf of one another.

As you have been on heaven's hotline, waiting for an answer, now is the time to put down your receiver and stop listening to the elevator music. Get out there and take action. Determine to be a change agent in the very area you feel robbed in.

Not only will the devil be caught off guard, but he will probably panic and leave his post by your unresolved issue, allowing heaven to sweep in and bring you your breakthrough—all without any help from you.

Now imagine that.

Wanda Alger is a field correspondent with Intercessors for America. She ministers with her husband in Winchester, Virginia. Follow her blog at

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