Do New Age 'Affirmations' Mean You Shouldn't Confess God's Promises?

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Unfortunately but understandably, many Christians—out of concern that they are dabbling in New Age spirituality—throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater by rejecting the powerful concept of confessing God's promises and claiming their manifestation.

This episode of Revealing the True Light on the Charisma Podcast Network will give you nine points to bring clarity to this issue:

  1. Actual power—Admittedly, there is power in maintaining an optimistic mindset. However, it is not "the universe" that grants results.
  1. Witchcraft—Attempting to change the mind or heart of other human beings by supernatural power through the practice of positive affirmations can border on, or actually enter, the realm of witchcraft.
  2. Real success is impossible—If the person making faith confessions is in rebellion against God, positive affirmations may appear to cause results, but in the end, the consequences of sin cannot be escaped.
  1. Three levels of creativity—You often hear New Age teachers talking about awakened individuals creating their own reality. Is that possible?

First, those who say that usually believe truth is subjective, but it is not.

Second, it is important to see that in the first two levels (body and soul) creativity can take place without God's direct involvement. For the third—the spirit—to function creatively, a person must be born again. So, a true Christian participates with God, not independent of God.

  1. The basis of New Age affirmations is often pantheism, a belief that human beings are god.
  1. The difference is between believing you are god or desiring to be in alignment with God.
  2. Biblical faith confessions hinge on:

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—Dependency on God.

—Submission to God.

—The revelation of the Word of God.

—Faith in the Word of God (see Ps. 27:1, John 15:7, Matt. 17:20, Heb.10:23).

—At times, receiving the living Word (see 1 Tim. 1:18).

  1. The error of fearing to admit the negative.
  2. Surrendering to the will of God.

Listen to the full episode here.

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