The Lord Has Used 2020 to Show Us the Perspective of Heaven


2020 has been a year designed by the Lord to cause His people to draw near to Him. Yes, we know that the enemy has been busy pushing His diabolical agenda on the earth. Satan is trying to stop the Third Great Awakening, the prophesied massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in a vast harvest of souls. Our Father has a plan to use the devil's weapons against him, even as He did at the crucifixion. If the princes of this world had known, "they would not have crucified the Lord of glory" (1 Cor. 2:8).

This time of being shut in has been to give the body of Christ the opportunity to draw near to God, cleanse our hands and purify our hearts (James 4:8). Many have returned to the Lord or have come to the Lord for the first time during this season of lockdown.

Now that the elections have been so obviously dishonest, it has brought to light the corruption that has been hidden under tables and submerged in the swamp. This is all going to come into exposure, and America will be saved and returned to our righteous, biblical foundations.

Annie Schisler had many visions in Argentina during the first great revival that occurred there. R. Edward Miller recorded them in several books. In one vision that I quoted in my book, Rich Wounds, the Lord said to her, "'Fear not. I have prepared you for the battle,'' adding that the battles He prepared for His people are not for the purpose of defeat nor for their wounding, but rather they were to cause them to draw near unto Him.

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Then she saw from heaven's perspective "the forces of the enemy like frightening shadows of darkness like immense mountains," and "they were attacking His own ones whom I saw like lovely lights filled with glorious life. These shadows were battling against those lights trying to cover them, put them out and destroy them in their fury. Then suddenly those living lights who loved Him and were loved by Him rose up in anger and fury and great strength against those horrible shadows. As they stamped upon them flattening them under their feet they were drawing nearer unto Him. These battles and victories were effectively lifting them nearer unto Jesus."

Then the Lord said to her, "When I permit the enemy to attack My own loved ones, I never take any risks of any kind at any time. For the enemy can never win the battle against them."

The perspective of heaven shows us that what has been going on in 2020 is to cause us to draw near to Him.

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