What Does It Mean When You're Heaven Bound?


Can you imagine the excitement in heaven when a person gives their life to Jesus? I would like to think there is a huge praise party. I do not believe God wants His relationship with any of His children to stop there. That is why once we are saved, we are heaven bound, and we, as God's children, get the privilege and opportunity to walk with the Lord.

After writing Walking the Talk: A Lifestyle of Sharing Jesus, God stirred in my spirit that there is more to life than an individual deciding to give their life to Jesus and waiting for heaven. There are moments before we go to see the Lord face to face in heaven. That is the time we get to grow with the Lord. As Romans 12:2 says, "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."

I had the blessing of growing up in a Christian home. My family was always active in church and Bible class. This started my roots of growing with the Lord. My father taught me to sift any preaching or teaching against the Bible. God's Word will always stand. The Bible will always be a foundation for anything I write. I feel I need to say that life happens. We all know this. I have found that God's Word still stands, and God's presence and His Word are there in the good and not-so-good days. Sometimes, God shows up the best in those bad days. In simple terms, I only know to live life within God's presence, grace, mercy and love every day and point people to the Lord!

There are times we as Christians get excited about people giving their lives to Jesus. But do we leave them there? Do we assume they will simply come to Bible class or worship services? Do new Christians have questions we did not even attempt to answer? When new Christians hear words like grace, mercy, cares, rest, rewards or spiritual gifts, does that lead to more questions? Do Christians wonder what heaven looks like? In short, Heaven Bound: Walking with the Lord was written to help Christians with those terms and questions.

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The book was written with 26 "steps" or chapters. It starts by celebrating giving your life to Jesus. The next step had to be getting a Bible. The final step is all about heaven, where we will be one day. I think every Christian will say there are days we have challenges. We have days where it is easy to say, "Thank you, Jesus." We have other days when we say, "Oh, dear Lord, help me!" There are "steps" that cover those times. Ever had a question on prayer, thoughts, words or serving God? God wants His children to rest, and God is also a rewarder.

As we grow with the Lord and study the Bible, we start to have Scriptures near and dear to us. I have included some of those in the Heaven Bound book that I have learned over the years. Rather than simply list them, I have the Scripture along with a journaling area for each term. It helps the reader make the book very personal as insights and prayers can be written.

Please know there is a place in your heart that only God can fill. Above all, God loves you! He invites, and truly wants, each person to make Jesus the Lord and Savior in their life. But God is so great! He wants to have a relationship with each person for all eternity. This includes every step through every day! You are invited. Say "Yes!" Accept His invitation.

During my Loved Always podcast episodes on Charisma Podcast Network, we have been digging into this book as part of a Bible study. Yes! Bring your Bible! However, I can only touch the surface on this book's content. There are countless Scriptures and examples included within the pages of this book. I truly want to give you a foundation from which to work. Ever had a question on this path with the Lord? I would like to invite you to grab a copy of the book and use it as tool for your personal growth! To pastors and church leaders, perhaps this book will become part of your new members' packets! To God be the glory!

My website, lovedalways.net, has links to purchase both the Walking the Talk and the Heaven Bound books. I would like to make sure you have great resources that help you in your journey with the great God we love, serve and worship.

Please enjoy the verse of the day or leave a prayer request at lovedalways.net.

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