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When You Hate Church

Many Christians leave churches because they are wounded and become resentful. Here are the survival skills you need to stay connected to God and His people. 

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When a Christian Falls

When someone you love has a moral failure, there is a sure path to healing. But we must restore them God's way.

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Why Hasn't God Healed Me?

Many Christians feel guilty or defeated if they aren't instantly healed after receiving prayer. It's time to take an honest look at how the Bible says we should respond to sickness.

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Is It Payback Time?

"God, please don't let them get away with this. I've been wronged, lied to and lied about. It's not fair. I gave love and got used."

demonic possession

Why a Christian Can Have a Demon

Church people have argued for years over the issue of deliverance. I think it's time to stop arguing and start setting people free.

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Overcoming the Spirit of the World

Jesus promises that the pure in heart will see God, but the spirit of the world is tempting you daily. Here's how to battle back.

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Have You Committed the Unpardonable Sin?

A testimony from the Azusa Street revival told of a missionary being attacked by the enemy with the suggestion she was forsaken by God. Can you relate? 

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