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How to Walk in Constant Revelation

Through a living a close relationship with God, these Old Testament icons lived out a New Testament walk. Here's how you can follow their example to something beyond.


The Supernatural Source of True Joy

Scripture is full of joy-filled people living through trials and tribulations. Discover how you can apply those same principles to your own life, through the good and the bad.

The False Idols of Beauty and Success

It can be so easy to slip into a fallen mindset in today's culture. When's the last time you really looked in the mirror and asked what master you truly serve?


5 Essential Truths About Christian Joy

The second element of the fruit of the spirit is joy, but what does that really mean for believers? George O. Wood unpacks 5 key scriptural elements of joy for application in your life.

Praise in dark times

Being Thankful When Your World Is Crashing Down

Maintaining a thankful spirit can be tough, particularly when tragedy or hardship strikes. George O. Wood shares how you can be consistently thankful, regardless of the circumstances.

God Creating the Sun and Moon

2 Deadly Deceptions About God's Fatherhood

Understanding God's role as our heavenly Father isn't as simplistic as some want to make it. Two commonly held assumptions can lead to heresy and deception. Here's the truth.

Fields of blessing

The Life-Changing Purpose of Blessing

God's blessings aren't doled out just because you want nice things. There is a specific requirement and purpose to fully receive them, but they are definitely worth it.

Calmed waters

Finding Calm in the Stormy Waters

King David moved through many trials in his life, some the product of his own sin, some simply spiritual attacks from the enemy. George O. Wood shows how to apply one of David's most desperate prayers to your own struggles.

Worship hands

Finding Joy When Everything's Going Wrong

Trials, tests and adversity are rarely fun while we're going through them, but George O. Wood explains how the burning fires of refinement are worth rejoicing for.

Stormy seas

Why You Should Rejoice When Adversity Strikes

No one likes times of struggle, but George O. Wood gives a compelling argument for why not only are they necessary, but how they can ultimately be cause for celebration, if approached correctly.

Nik Wallenda

Up on the Highwire: Overcoming Fear with Faith—and Discipline

Tomorrow evening, world-famous "King of the Highwire" Nik Wallenda will wow millions with an incredible death-defying feat. But while his tightrope walks may be too terrifying for most of us to attempt, the source of his fearlessness can provide strength in all of our walks.

An Incredible Spiritual Renewal in the Holy Land

We all go through periods of spiritual dryness, but God always offers a way out. Discover how a trip to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem sparked a renewal for this best-selling author during a spiritual desert in her life.

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