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holy fire

The Purpose of Pentecostal Power

The book of Acts models some incredible experiences in the Spirit. Author Kyle Winkler uses the five stories of Spirit baptism within Acts to review this.

Dr. Mark Virkler, president of Communion With God Ministries

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice

Mark Virkler spent years frustrated and trying to hear God's voice. After a 10-year search, he discovered four simple keys that can help anyone hearing the Lord more clearly. Watch him explain these keys and the story behind his discovery.

Henry Blackaby

How to Respond When God Speaks

An encounter with Jesus was an encounter with God for the disciples. In the same way, an encounter with the Holy Spirit is an encounter with God for you.

Steve Hill

4 Ways to Quiet Your Spirit Before God

How was revivalist Steve Hill able to maintain his Christian walk for over 30 years, even in the midst of life's fiery trials? He shares four of his spiritual secrets.

brick wall

Are Loose Ends Keeping You in Bondage?

What is it that sets your heart on fire? What is it that stirs a great deal of passion within you? Why aren't you seeing it come to pass?

George O. Wood

Psalm 5: A Refuge for Raw Emotions

How do you respond when someone has badly hurt you or pain of any kind is present in your life? David wrestles with that question through Psalm 5.


Are You Investing in Heaven?

Most believers invest in their retirement years by planning and saving. But how much time, effort and resources are you putting toward your eternal home?

Have We Put the Blood of Jesus on Trial?

Have we lost the true meaning of Jesus’ costly yet precious blood? Or do we, even as Christians, bring up the past and use it as a weapon against our brothers and sisters?

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