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The 7 Great Lies in the Church Today

False teachings running rampant within the American church have created a “whiteout” condition for  millions of believers. Here’s how to detect—and overcome—these destructive doctrines before it’s too late.

Bill Johnson

The Real Meaning of Favor

Every believer receives favor from God, but we don’t all recognize the additional dimensions that favor brings. Here's the real definition of favor.

What's Wrong With Grace?

Why a distorted message of grace is the church’s greatest crisis today—and how we must respond.

John Bevere

Don't Let Pride Hide Offense

John Bevere explains how the enemy keeps a person in an offended state to keep the offense hidden, cloaked with pride. Don't get caught in the trap. 


How Not to Be Weary in Well-Doing

The Lord will never overlook the needs of the faithful soldier who is doing the work assigned to him or her. Jeremiah 31:25 teaches us that God will satisfy every weary soul and replenish every sorrowful person. Here's how. 


Adjusting to the Holy Spirit

Adjusting to the Holy Spirit is not easy. It requires making major changes in some of the habits that have never bothered us before. Are you willing to make the necessary adjustments?


Why You Should Count Your Blessings Backward

Tracing our blessings backward shows us the “pattern” of God’s involvement in our lives. It allows us to see that the very obstacles we face today could be the things that set us up for His blessings tomorrow.

Beware of Yesterday's Anointing

Sometimes Christians will try to make yesterday's anointing work today. R.T. Kendall explains how Christians mistakenly try to relive what God did yesterday.   


Learn to Identify Pride

Do you recognize pride in yourself? Do you want to be cleansed of it, avoid it and aim to help others do the same? Then read this. 

Learn to Steer Clear of Religious Traps!

Darkness descends in our lives when the light of the gospel is overshadowed by traditions handed down by men. Find out if you've fallen into the religious trap? 


Keep Your Mind on Heavenly Things

Living above in Christ while still walking and working on earth is the goal of every Christian. But how do we get there? We tell you. 


The Four Spiritual Food Groups

Spiritual increase requires commitment and effort. Adherence to these four spiritual disciplines will feed your inner man what it needs to flourish.


How to Avoid Spiritual Shipwreck

If you want to make it through life without a moral failure, you must be sure to close every door the devil could enter.

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