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21 Days with the Holy Spirit

What would happen if your mornings for the next three weeks began with a date with the Holy Spirit? Here's a 21-day plan that could transform your life.

Why are people so offended by the cross of Christ?

This Easter, Don't Forget About the Cross

If current statistics hold true, many will continue to embrace a glamorized Christianity and be led astray. Life is a battleground not a playground!

Will You Forgive Your Enemies?

Discover the disarming power of forgiveness through the story of an African church that forgave a group of thieves that terrorized and burned down their village.

Your Thoughts or God’s Word?

Francis Chan shares what true discipleship is and how to deal with thoughts that contradict the Bible.

Cortes burned his ships to see where his men's faith laid.

‘You Can Trust My Basket’

When you are struggling with indecision, trust that the Lord will lead you in the right direction. If He has called you, then a backup plan isn't necessary.

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