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The Supernatural Power of Spiritual Vision

Almost all visionaries in the Bible came to the point where it seemed the vision would not come to pass. Here's how you can renew your spiritual vision.

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5 Earmarks of True Meekness

Perhaps no religious word is more misunderstood than the word meek. Who wants to be meek? Jesus did and so should you.

Lisa Bevere

Fasting: Changing the Way You See

Lisa Bevere shares some benefits to fasting you may not have thought about. Here's how you can get started on your fast.


What to Do When You Feel Like You're Warring Alone

Sometimes the warfare just seems to come from all sides. Sometimes it seems to come from all sides at once. Sometimes in midst of the onslaught it feels like you are fighting alone. Get equipped for the battle.

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The Essential Key to Fasting Is Not Denial

True biblical fasting is about more than giving up food or your favorite TV show. Once you learn this, you'll position your heart for a more effective prayer life.

tunnel vision

Do You Have Spiritual Tunnel Vision?

Sometimes false counsel is given believers who are struggling with hurts. George O. Wood offers some timely truth for those trapped in the tunnel.
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9 Gifts Jesus Died to Give You

Meditate on what Christ offered you through His death and resurrection this Christmas season. It will change your life.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer: Receiving Emotional Healing

Do you ever believe the lie that God is not interested in healing your broken heart? Watch Joyce Meyer teach on receiving emotional healing.

Who Is the Holy Spirit?

Watch Jennifer LeClaire expound on who the Holy Spirit is and why we need a deep relationship with Him.

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5 Signs There's Idolatry in Your Church

The idol of celebrity preachers is just one of the five. Do you see the other four operating in your congregation? If so, then what should you do?

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