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What to Do in the Waiting

Find encouragement for when you've done all you can do, but your dreams and desires still sit on the shelf.

Can a Christian Go to Hell?

Some believers becomes so deceived and hardened that they abandon their faith with their own free will.

Toward Destiny

If you love God, you are called, and the Holy Spirit will weave everything in your life together.

Persecution Will Come

"In this world you will have trouble," Jesus said. But He didn't leave us hanging at that.

Dream With God

Maybe that dream is a steppingstone into the God-ordained plans and purposes for your life.

Be Proactive to Prevent Burnout

Instead of dismissing stress or strained relationships, focus on finding activities and routines that will build you up and refresh.

Grace Through Transparency

The willingness of David to have God search him is foundational to the life of every believer.
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