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Learn to Hear His Voice Clearly

If you want to hear God clearly, you must reject the voices that distract and distort His Word. Here's how. 


Do You Seek God's Glory or Man's?

We must ask ourselves: Whose glory do we seek in life, God’s or our own? To seek our glory is to fall headlong into vanity and deception.


Learn to Discern the Voice of God

Many people claim to hear the Lord speaking, but what they hear is sometimes questionable. Here are some simple rules to help you discern His voice.

Ron Phillips

Ron Phillips: Rebuke the Spirit of Fear

In the wake of last week’s terror attack at the Boston Marathon, Pastor Ron Phillips explains why we must rebuke the spirit of fear. 

John Bevere

John Bevere: How Complaining Halts Your Destiny

Complaining is a killer. It will short-circuit the life of God in you faster than almost any other thing! John Bevere uses the life of Joseph to show the blessings that come when we don't complain. 

Living Miraculously

Chris Overstreet gives principles to developing a lifestyle of the miraculous. 

How to Fellowship With the Spirit

IHOP-KC worship leader Misty Edwards teaches on how we were created to be vessels used by the Holy Spirit and shares how to live a lifestyle of prayer.

sunset praying

Rick Warren: 5 Ways to Respond to Tragedy

Suffering and tragedy are inevitable in a sinful world, but it is possible to rely on Christ even in the darkest hours of your life. Rick Warren explains how.

John Bevere

John Bevere: Partial Obedience Is Disobedience

John Bevere explains how some Christians act in disobedience to God but still believe they are being obedient.  In God’s eyes, partial or selective obedience is the same as rebellion to His authority.

Numbered podium

Do You Unknowingly Exalt Men Above God?

Trouble is on the horizon when we exalt our leaders as if they are Gods and give glory to them that is due the Lord. Here's how to avoid exalting men. 

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