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Sad Woman

What It Means to Walk in Humility

Susanna Wesley, mother of famed theologian John Wesley, shared thoughts about what it means to walk in humility, how she looked to God for her strength and why we can trust in God's wisdom.

John the Baptist

Let us understand this prophet, John the Baptist. According to the Scriptures, John was filled with the Holy Spirit “while yet in his mother’s womb” (Luke 1:15).


Every Nation, Tribe and Tongue

Ken Reynolds explains how multicultural praise gives us glimpses of heaven—and how to foster it in your church (even if you’re not a leader).

fire heart

I Burn For You

How God—that all-consuming, living flame of love—shows His unrelenting desire for people.

Forgiveness That Transcends

Forgiveness That Transcends

How—and why—God calls you to a forgiveness that overcomes evil, tragedy and anything else thrown your way.

Keep No Record of Wrongs

Keep No Record of Wrongs

Though seemingly impossible, you can forgive—completely—and finally let go of the past.

How Did We Get the Bible?

A scholar explains the history and canonization of the Bible we have today—in layman’s terms.
A Gold Standard

A Gold Standard

The creation of compatible digital formats could hasten the Bible’s global reach.
Jolinda Wade

She Ain’t Playin’

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade’s mother has been to hell and back—and now she’s making hell tremble with a deliverance ministry that sets the captives free.

How to Find Peace With God

Perhaps you realized you have never made a Christian commitment. Don’t delay that decision!

sunset and clouds

Straight Up

What the Bible says about heaven.

Determine to Be Determined

Determination will take you where you want to go. High achievers are people who hold onto their goals and their determination. They have learned to overcome discouragement, doubt and other obstacles.
Face the Music

Face the Music (and Your Fears)

After a lifelong battle, musician Alvin Slaughter overcame his fears by confronting his own faulty thinking. Here’s how you can do the same.

All in Favor

Because of what Christ did on the cross, we can expect God’s best.

Where Are You Going?

Keep your eyes focused on where you are going. Too often we are looking at where we have been rather than where we are going.

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