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John Bevere

Holiness: The Real Fruit of Grace

True holiness takes effort on our part, which many are not willing to give. John Bevere says ministers will either unconsciously or purposefully avoid preaching holiness to avoid losing the appeal of the gospel. He shares how grace produces holiness.  

How to Manage Your Emotions God's Way

Our feelings can affect our physical health, often more than we realize. Joyce Meyer explains how to manage your emotions the way God intended.

Can You Spot the Real Christians?

The unsaved see believers as hypocritical and no different than themselves. Here’s how to live an authentic faith that stands out from “normal” American Christianity.

woman with lolip

Learn to Discern Spiritual Junk Food

Some Christians are so spiritually hungry that they will swallow any teaching, even if it is unbalanced or unhealthy. We must learn to test what we hear.

Stop Being So Judgmental!

Yes, the Bible says we'll know them by their fruit, but have Christians gone too far with criticizing or judging others? Here's what the Bible says about judging. 

How Praise Breaks Yokes

Praise defeats the devil faster and more efficiently than any other battle plan, but it must be genuine heart-praise, not just lip service.

Mike Bickle

The Weapon to Combat Satan's Accusations

The revelation of God's delight in us renders void the enemy's accusations and causes us to become empowered for righteousness. Find out what else it does for us. 

 Smoke stack

8 Signs You Have Toxic Faith

Legalistic religion is dangerous. Here's how you can detect and avoid the poison of a religious spirit. Take your own pH test by examining these eight characteristics of a religious spirit.


Don't Worship Your Tradition!

Believe it or not, even your religion can become a stumbling block if it becomes more important than your relationship with God or keeps you from expressing the compassion of Christ. Read this before you allow religion to trip you up. 

How Not to Lose Your Focus

While it's easy to list the many external diversions, our most fatal distraction lives within. Find out what they are. 

T.D. Jakes

T.D. Jakes: Press Toward Your Miracle

Sometimes the odds appear insurmountable, but Pastor T.D. Jakes shares how we are destined for wholeness when we touch God in our need. 

Woman singing

The Power of Singing

One of the key ways Paul tells us to stay filled with the Spirit is to sing hymns and spiritual songs, and to make melody in our hearts. Have you tapped into the power of song?

How Not to Quit

Some people go through life quitting whenever an adverse wind blows. Winners see strong winds as a challenge to overcome. Prophetic minister Barbara Wentroble explains more. 

broken heart

Enemies of Love

When we learn to recognize the enemies of love, we become aware of the devil's strategies.


The baptism in the Holy Spirit is nothing to fear. It's God's gift for all Christians. Find out the benefits. 

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