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guy worshipping

How God Uses Joy to Direct You

Most Christians are too afraid to think that what they enjoy doing may be God's will. Author John Stanko shows how God's purposes unfolded in his life with joy.


What We Can Learn From Joshua's Battle Plan

Joshua was both a good soldier and wise servant of God. He shouldn't have been able to conquer Jericho, but he did. Understanding what led to Joshua's victory could help you in your next battle.

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The Danger of Mixing Law and Grace

Many Christians mistakenly try to mix law and grace. Both are biblical methods for achieving righteousness, but they are mutually exclusive.

Rod Parsley

What True Servanthood Looks Like

How does your life reflect the servant attitude of Jesus Christ? Rod Parsley says the kingdom of God is exemplified through our willingness to serve.

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Knowing the Lord Fights for You

The victory is ours, and the battle is the LordÂ’s. Trust Him. He packs a stronger punch than you ever could.

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Why Healing Should Be Found Within the Church

Our weaknesses are painful and often bring us shame. But in order for the church to offer any kind of healing, there are two things we need to do, says J. Lee Grady.

Mark Driscoll

Why the 'New' Tolerance Is Actually Intolerant

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, Mark Driscoll came face-to-face with the new definition of tolerance, which is dramatically different from the old one. Find out what the differences are.

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