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Do You Trust Me?

Can you trust God with everything and everyone in your life, especially your children?

A Short Ride

The roller coaster of life can be enjoyable if you have the right perspective about it.

Effortless Change

Real spiritual change starts within the pages of God's Word.

Anointed to Wait

Even in the midst of difficult circumstances right now, we are anointed to wait on God.

Effects of Praise

You shouldn't just praise God when everything is going right but in all times!

That's Just the Way I Am

Is God calling you to change but you don't want to leave your comfort zone? 

Toward Unity

In order to move yourself forward, you need to help others.

Comfort and Control

Only thinking positively toward a difficult situation means you miss out on everything God is doing.

Blessings and Miracles

Miracles and blessings are two different gifts from God. One you may want more than the other.
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