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3 Steps to Letting Go of Worry and Regret for Good

We will never live a full life or a life of purpose until we understand the value of one single day. David Cooper reveals how you can stop wasting even one more day stuck in regret or worry.

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What to Expect From a Fast

There are a few things you can expect to experience on a fast. Some of them are expected, and some of them might be unexpected. Find out what you should look forward to.

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The Key to Spiritual Greatness

God is not against greatness—as long as He is the architect of it. There is something every Christian should remember when pursuing God's best for their lives.

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Catching a Glimpse of God's Glory

When it feels like the glory of heaven is beyond our ability to see, there is something you should remember. Find out what it is.

Dr. Michael Brown

The Difference Between a Mocker and a Seeker

There is a world of difference between a mocker and a seeker of the Christian faith. Michael Brown explains the distinction as he shares personal experiences with both.

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7 Things God Can Do for the Sick

How should we pray when we are sick? George O. Wood calls on David's writings in Psalm 41 for the answer. Find out what it is.

Joseph Mattera

5 Firewalls Needed to Resist Sexual Sin

There are times we may not be at a high level of spiritual and emotional strength or times when we are caught off-guard. Get equipped with some Holy Spirit firewalls that help you resist lust.

Michael Brown

Let’s Not Bite and Devour One Another

How do we expose error without dividing the body? How do we hold to our convictions while honoring those who differ with us? Michael Brown explains five principles to help avoid unnecessary casualties.

Extravagant Worship

The Controversy Over Extravagant Worship

It won't take long for your radical expression of love for Jesus to provoke strong criticism. Does that mean you should lower your hands and quiet your voice?

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God Isn't Mad at You

Many people—Christians included—view God as an angry deity waiting to strike them down. Here are five ways God shows you just how much He loves you.

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When God Speaks, Surrender

As new Christians, we surrender ourselves to God, but along the way we often forget it's a daily process. A new book reveals some of the ways we can learn to say, "As You wish."

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