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Why Communion Should Matter to You

Less than 5 percent of those who attend church understand anything about Christ’s blood. Do you know why it matters?  

All the Many Graces

Count the ways God’s grace sustains you every moment of your life


The 5 Tenets of Our Worldview

No other religion, philosophy or mindset speaks to the kinds of concepts we find in the Bible. Here are the five main components of what we believe.


Live Life With One Passionate Purpose

People who make a difference in the world are not those who mastered many things but who have been mastered by one great thing. Is that you?


Our Mind: Friend and Foe

You've probably heard the phrase stinking thinking. The question is, are you able to recognize the smell?

Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer: Does the Future of Discipleship Look Promising or Bleak?

Christians today are carrying out the Great Commission like never before, yet we also face unique challenges to making disciples in the 21st century. Watch LifeWay Research President Ed Stetzer reveal the first part of a historic study on the future of discipleship.
people on ride

Act Your Age: 4 Keys to Living a Godly Life

We are lured in by the attractive packaging of sin, only to discover it was an empty thrill. Will you utilize these four keys for living free of sin's grasp?  

6 Attributes of Living by Faith

Would you characterize your life as one lived by faith? Os Hillman outlines six attributes of a person who lives by faith. 

Steve Hill

Live Unsettled!

One morning during his devotion time with the Lord, evangelist Steve Hill heard the Lord clearly say, “Live unsettled!” Find out what that means for your life.


A Little Oil Will Not Do in 2014

The foolish virgins had a lamp. They kept a Bible tucked under their arm. But they were low on oil. Do you hear the Holy Spirit calling you to buy His oil?

Dr. Michael Brown

Are You Suffering From the Jonah Syndrome?

Michael Brown outlines what he calls the Jonah Syndrome, which influenced many who criticized him for appearing on Benny Hinn's TV show. Have you faced this type of persecution?

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